Sunday, February 2, 2014

The mastery of the master bedroom {reveal}

I have been working on our master bedroom for a little while now.... narrowing down the wall color, finding THE oh-MY-gawwsh-I-have-to-have-it  perfect bedding, re-inventing our current headboard, and collecting items to make it feel just the way I envisioned it. 

During that time, both of my grandparents passed away. 

So the bedroom was put on hold. 

Once their estate was shared among the family, I knew that our bedroom was going to have some pieces in it I did not plan for in my original design, but I LOVED and completely embraced the fact that my grandmother's prized 1970's sofa would provide the. perfect. place for us to hang out and watch a little teley!  It fit in the bay window like a glove!  It was totally meant for this spot and that warms my heart so much! 
I did not have it re-covered to match my decor bc I felt like, then, it wouldn't really be my MiMi's couch.  
I needed it to still be hers!


Without further ado... and no before pictures (d'oh!)  

Here's our master bedroom reveal! 


This French Provencal candelabra belonged to her.  They actually match the lamps I have of her's in our family room.

I have a pair of these sweet little porcelain candle holders that were hers, as was the candle wall sconces on either side of the tv....  

... as well as these mirrors...

Our headboard was originally an old door.  I padded it using 2 twin size egg crates and a drop cloth (washed and ironed for softness).  I added the 2 finals at the corners and VOILA!  


I want to have the center euro pillow monogrammed a deep, rich purple!  
I think it'll make a lovely final touch for the bed! 

This chair was given to me by my uncle.  I just love the rawness!

One last final look.....

I hope you love it as much as I do! 

In real  life, it's so much M♥RE!
It's relaxing, a little elegant, and has just the right amount of remembering not to take life too seriously!

... But most of all... 

It is full of nostalgia, my childhood, meaning and LOVE!


PS.  Don't be hatin on the ceiling fan y'all!  We live in Texas... It's an absolute necessity  ;) !!