Sunday, February 2, 2014

The mastery of the master bedroom {reveal}

I have been working on our master bedroom for a little while now.... narrowing down the wall color, finding THE oh-MY-gawwsh-I-have-to-have-it  perfect bedding, re-inventing our current headboard, and collecting items to make it feel just the way I envisioned it. 

During that time, both of my grandparents passed away. 

So the bedroom was put on hold. 

Once their estate was shared among the family, I knew that our bedroom was going to have some pieces in it I did not plan for in my original design, but I LOVED and completely embraced the fact that my grandmother's prized 1970's sofa would provide the. perfect. place for us to hang out and watch a little teley!  It fit in the bay window like a glove!  It was totally meant for this spot and that warms my heart so much! 
I did not have it re-covered to match my decor bc I felt like, then, it wouldn't really be my MiMi's couch.  
I needed it to still be hers!


Without further ado... and no before pictures (d'oh!)  

Here's our master bedroom reveal! 


This French Provencal candelabra belonged to her.  They actually match the lamps I have of her's in our family room.

I have a pair of these sweet little porcelain candle holders that were hers, as was the candle wall sconces on either side of the tv....  

... as well as these mirrors...

Our headboard was originally an old door.  I padded it using 2 twin size egg crates and a drop cloth (washed and ironed for softness).  I added the 2 finals at the corners and VOILA!  


I want to have the center euro pillow monogrammed a deep, rich purple!  
I think it'll make a lovely final touch for the bed! 

This chair was given to me by my uncle.  I just love the rawness!

One last final look.....

I hope you love it as much as I do! 

In real  life, it's so much M♥RE!
It's relaxing, a little elegant, and has just the right amount of remembering not to take life too seriously!

... But most of all... 

It is full of nostalgia, my childhood, meaning and LOVE!


PS.  Don't be hatin on the ceiling fan y'all!  We live in Texas... It's an absolute necessity  ;) !!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

Stationery Card

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

My purty little budget friendly lamp makeover

A while back the girls and I made a run to Austin to see my mom and oldest chicken.  Before heading to mom's house, we ran to my MOST favorite Goodwill ever of all time!  (because as you can see, I have my priorities in perfect order!)
There are 2 areas I hit first before perusing the entire HOME section of the store.  The pictures/frames (which also is where the furniture is... but there's rarely anything earth shaking at this particular store) and the lamps.  I came across, not one... but a PAIR of the most FAAAABULOUS brass lamps!!  It was love at first sight!  And for $14.99 each... they were mine all mine :)

Well, since bringing them home, they've moved from room to room and have had shades that I knew weren't going to be their {forever} shades.
I've been on the lookout for something fun and funky and have had zero luck!  SO.... last night while at HomeGoods, I came across 2 matching drum shades in white!  They were a whopping $16.99 each (which is about $8 cheaper than WalMart!) and my mind started to race and the ideas were coming and coming and BAM!  I had a plan that was set into motion.
[if you know me, you know that once I have an idea it's literally 
"Katie bar the door!!  Momma's got crazy eyes!"  
SO I ran over to Michael's for some grois grain ribbon to make stripes on the shades.  BUT....  Sometimes while riding the crazy train, it gets derailed by something even MORE fabulous!! 
I spotted THE loveliest wrapping paper in the dollar fifty section!!


wrapping. paper.

^^^ Here's the lamp and new white shade ^^^

 (good lord almighty I look skinny in this reflection!  I think momma's found a new mirror!)

And here's the lovely wrapping paper I put around the shade using double sided tape.


By the way... trim the paper!
A mistake I made here and had to go back to correct.
Because DUH!!!
You can actually SEE the trim thru the shade once the light is on! 

I tell ya.

I worry about me sometimes ;)

And yes, I do know there are two different bulbs in the lamps....
I am trying to decide which bulb I prefer.

The "daylight" on the left
The "soft light" on the right.

What do you think??

Either way... I am THRILLED with how fun and HAPPY they are!

Lookin all pretty and ready to greet you when you come thru the door :)
 and at $1.50 a roll... I can and WILL be changing these out....
often :)

**note to self**
when taking a picture of a mirror.... clean up the crap it'll reflect!  
Whacha think? 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finding my field of dreams in a painting.

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I've blogged!  Time.  Boy how it can fly!

As most of you know, we moved in February of this year and have been getting all settled in our new digs.  I've really been missing the unique little community we lived in so I thought I'd try to recreate it somewhat here.  Well, the ol saying  "Build it and they will come" just about sums it up.  It's amazing to me how if one person can find it in them to step out and say "Hey, let's be friends.  Let's connect"  how many others are wanting the same thing.  The Bible says it's what the human race was made for.... Connection.  So.  I was that one person.  I let my guard down, reached out, and connected.  And MAN!  Am I ever happy I did!  I've met some FABULOUS women!

So here's the story.

Our neighborhood had a Casino Night for us grown ups.  Thru our community fb page, I was able to sorta "meet" a few women that I really looked forward to meeting in real life.  It was loads of fun and I did, in fact, meet some great people!  {AND I won myself a lil iPad mini, ta'boot}  
A couple of weeks later I had an idea that I thought would be a fun Girl's Night out.  On our community face book page I asked if anyone would be interested in doing a painting at Painting With a Twist.  It had lots of positive responses, so I got to work looking for a painting we could all agree to paint.

I found this one! 

Yes.  That says HOES.  

Needless to say, we all had a great time razzing it... SO... There was our choice!  We would have our first  "Hangin with the HOES" party!  (you're super jealous now huh, because doesn't everyone wanna be a hoe?!)  ;)

But wait!  It gets even better!!  One of the ladies thought it was OUR genius to call our group the "Hoes", because she thought it stood for Housewives Of Eagle Springs!  People, that's OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!  HOW GENIUS IS SHE?!?!?!?!  (Kuddos all to you, Daniele!)

We had a BLAST!  And we wanted to keep getting together so..
 we made us a fb page

 and a drunko Bunco group

and now... it's not just the original 11 of us.... 

There are 62 of us!

In a week and a half time period...  


Sixty two women eager to connect.  

Sixty two women so thankful to be making new friends.  

 Sixty two women!  

"Build it, and they will come!" 

I feel blessed!

Blessed because I stepped out of my box; I put myself out there;  and God showed up!  He answered my prayer for connections :)  
And I am grateful!

Little update:  We now have enough signed up to make not one, but TWO bunco groups!  

A couple weeks after our first Bunco, all us HOES are heading to a lil' hole in the wall, South American joint where we'll eat, drink and have us some SALSA DANCING lessons!  WHOOP  WHOOP!!




Monday, July 8, 2013

Fun finds with my new friend!

Today, I tagged along with my new friend Pamela, from From my front porch to yours, and her super sweet (and absolutely AHdorable) boys, to this amazing antique shop in Spring, Tx. {The Antique Gallery} When I tell you I was in HEAVEN... I really mean it! There were SO many goodies and LOADS and LOADS of eye candy; aka.. the stuff ya probably wouldn't necessarily buy unless ya went totally hog wild! I was so caught up in the "hunt" that I failed to take very many picts for you. Sorry. It's just my inability to multitask when my thinkin cap is on!  But. I did manage to snap just a few, as well as what I came home with :)  Oh, and I had to take a pict of the AHHHHMAZING lunch I had at Panera! Oh em gee!!


Up next...

This is just too cute!!

One day....

Pshht.... Y'all know I will!


How fun is SHE!?!?!


 I really want a bust I can glam up and have fun with like Edie, from Life in Grace blog has done.  She pretty much is living in MY dream home!  It's pretty much the most amazingly eclectic home I've ever seen!


And here is what I actually came home with..

The above are in my black half bath above my mirror over the sink.  Love em!



I am saving these lil' beauties for my bedroom when I'm ready to dive in.
  I was thinking of purples and golds and glam....

But these have inspired NAVY and gold and glam!!




I have been looking for a fun vintage Tonka truck for like, ever


Found one!!

ON. SALE!  Oh yeah, baby!


He'll definitely be movin around the house...
afterall, things seldom stay "parked" in the same spot 'round here!
{{ba da boom, pssh!}} 

After all that mind-blowing shopping we did, we scouted out a Panera Bread.

This is the most amazing lunch I've had in quite some time!
 I HIGHLY recommend it on a "cheat day".... or any day, really~

It's a Shrimp Salad Roll with Summer Corn Chowder


It's THAT good :9



Monday, June 10, 2013

Our black and gold half bath

Well folks... I did it!

I have always wanted to try it, so today I jumped in, both feet first!

And I went for it!

I SPRAY PAINTED our half bath ceiling GOLD!

METALLIC gold, to be exact!

And then....

I painted the walls BLACK satin!


I am in  ♥ L.O.V.E ♥

**please know, it's not perfect yet. I just did it today. I will still tweak it a bit.... cause that's what I do**

 I'm playing around with my sign on my door... this gives you a general idea of where I'm going with it. 

 It's dark by the toilet so these picts rather suck.  Sorry!

I know.. I know... 
She's a lil creepy... 
but I like her.  
To make my kids happy (and apparently the men who've peed in our half bath..)
She'll be finding a new place in the home once I have a replacement for her ;) )
Oh, the things I sacrifice~

The ceiling reminds me of crocodile!


So... that's it.  There ya have it!  

(I realize this look isn't for everyone. It is for me, however... and that's what matters :) hope that didn't sound snotty. )
*as always, feel free to leave a little love*

Have you taken any risks lately?  Have ya thought outside of the box??