Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Carrie, A Sassy RedHead!


Ok.. so today I just HAVE to introduce you all to Carrie, from A Sassy RedHead.  She is SO stinkin funny and I think you'll think so too!  Just to prove it... Here is her blog post from last night!  :)




A Butt-cut and a Watusi. And I don’t even know what a watusi is.

Let me tell you something.

I don’t know much, but I do know one thing.

Girlfriends you can get catty, down and dirty with are the best.

Every Monday night at 6:58 pm, you will find me hurdling my sofa like a 6th grade track star.  Headed
straight to my recliner.

Remote in one hand.

iPhone in the other.

(Not cute.  Trust me.)

(The hurdling part.)

And I log on to Twitter.

(Which I did NOT like, understand, believe in, feel warm and fuzzy about or waste my time with 3 months ago.)

(God help your soul if you call during that time.)

(The folks included.)


I log on and find my girls.

My Bachelor Love Shits.

(I’m sure they could come up with a snazzier name for us but I can’t think right now.  I’m hungry.)

There are 7 of us and most of the time we have wine.  Or something adulty and alchoholicky.

And we do our best to follow Connie’s Bachelor Drinking Game Rules for that night’s episode.

(But really…after a glass or two, who goes by any rules?)

(Because women tend to just make up the rules as they go.)

We have big group conversations and little mini-conversations.

(Or as much of a conversation as you can with 140 characters.)

(And in my world, a space or comma or exclamation should not be a character.)

Here’s just a teensy bit of the catty, giggly girl-talk that goes on for 2 solid hours.

I’m sure after 714 seasons, you’ve heard of this hideous show.

We all agree that Ben, this years bachelor, has a butt-cut.

We all hate his hair.  And God knows how important good hair is to women on their men.

And then well, as the wine or adulty alcholicky drinks flow…we get on a roll.

And we take our Bachelor shit serious.

As those heavenly 2 hours go on…we can kinda get a little catty.

(But really?  There’s wine and women.)

Yep…I might as well just drag a hot pink porta-potty right into my living room.

The laughs and giggles fear no commercial breaks.

And I usually always learn something from these great girls.  And this last Bachelor gathering…it was a new word.


(That just sounds friggin awesome.)

And I’m not even sure what it is.  But I don’t care.  I’m using it.

Quite regularly, I might say.

Never in my life did I think I would look so forward to seeing a butt-cut every Monday night.

But I do.

As long as I have these girls right there with me.

And as long as there are single people in this world willing to sell their souls for a little bit of fame (and
ABC is willing to pimp them out), I’ll hurdle that sofa on Monday nights.

With my wine.

To settle in for 2 hours of some of the best girl-talk and giggles.

They are total love shit to me.


Find us on Twitter each Monday night.

And find them here:
Iris – The Bearded Iris
Connie – The Young and The Relentless
Jeanne – Inside NanaBread’s Head
Kristy – Living Life (Un)simply
Kirsten – Comfortably Domestic
Denisha – You’ll just have to say ‘hey’ to her here.

So, until next Monday night…here’s to butt-cuts, watusi’s and good old-fashioned love shit!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Decorating delimas

OK. Imma do somethin' just a little bit outta the ordinary here.

I am commissioning YOU and YOUR ideas for a room make over!

Our front room, aka the formal dining room, is currently getting a make over.  And with any makeover, you need accessories.. right?!   Well then... accessories it shall get!

I found this sweet gem at Goodwill for $19.99.  Ain't she cute! The moment I saw those spindle legs with those cute little wheels, I knew I just had to have her!

But her current state was, let's just say, SAD... PATHETIC... HO-HUM!  SO... what's a girl to do??  

Two words...


And baby... GO BOLD, OR GO HOME!! 
(and since I am home.. I went BOLD!) 

I was now on a quest for a color palate.  To create a fun, maybe even a little funky-cuz-that's-just-who-I-am, room.  Then I found this amazing fabric at Hobby Lobby and well... 
a (somewhat) color palate was born!  :)

I added some fun trim and voila!  Curtain panels!

NEXT... the walls:

For Christmas I received several James Audubon prints and I knew they would look just perfect in my room!  I have a thing for birds. The funkier the better.

Don't you love the gold tray??  Would you believe it's a $1.99 bamboo tray from Goodwill that I spray painted gold??  I love it!  Oh, and the vase.. yea, that's a Goodwill find too. A whopping $3.99!
(pot and plant from Ikea.  Lamp from TJMaxx, years ago! It's probably not staying. It's merely here for a visit.)

I found this totally FUNKY light at IKEA!!  I've not purchased it yet... but it's next on the list!  I think it will look sooo great above my table!

So as of now... here's the room....  It's not done. Not by a long shot!  
Obviously, I need that totally fab light ~ like asap...
And I am planning to buy a drop cloth to make my own round rug! (I am PUMPED about this "OMGSH-I've-never-done-THIS-before" project!)

But I want YOUR help to pull the rest together!  

YES, YOU!  My super fabulous decorating divas!

(my apologies for the terrible photos. They had to be taken with my iphone and these are the best I could get)

I am looking at this picture thinking "UGH... this room looks too "formal", too "put together", way too "stuffy"... I gotta funk it up! 

But first things first....

 I inherited that gorgeous table from my MIL and I am totally in love with it!  It was her mother's and I am honored to have it!  BUT I want to paint it!  (don't worry.. I got her permission first)

Question is... WHAT COLOR??
I'm leaning towards white... OR mayyyyybe even a bright YELLOW!?
These super duper comfy chairs were FREE! I totally scored here!  I plan to spray paint the exposed wood on the arms and the legs gold and recover them...

Maybe with black and white chevron or hounds tooth?? (DIY project!!)
Maybe yellow or orange?  Or a funky green or aqua?


I also want to paint my walls...

But what color??  Bright white?  Or something more WOW??


Leave me a comment below (or on facebook) and tell me YOUR thoughts.. YOUR ideas!

I'm listening~


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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sharin' the L♥ve with a grateful heart!!

OH. MY. GOSH! Y'ALL!! I am soooo excited!! I have had not one, but TWO (count em... TWO) AHMAZZING blogs feature MY kitchen reveal!! Ahhhhh!!! If you're new to the bloggy world, you need to know~ THIS, my friend, is a BIG deal! It's a SUPER high compliment and one NOT to be taken lightly! There are literally HUNDREDS of wonderful blogs linking up at the parties! LOTS and LOTS of UBER talented women (and on ocassion, men) linking their work, creations, thoughts/ideas, recipes..etc.. on these blog parties! So to be picked for a feature.... well, let's just say I am over the moon thrilled and HONORED! So if you haven't yet seen these blogs or know of the linky parties... go check them out! You think Pinterest is addictive?!? Ummm.... let's just say.... I'll send search and rescue if you've not been heard from in a couple of days! ;) Enjoy!!

I Heart Nap Time

and Carrie, over at A Sassy Redhead, likes to out people when they humiliate themselves.. It's good stuff ;) She outed my, how shall we say... tumble (here), on her blog and had the nerve to giggle about it! (I'm kidding.. I laughed my rear end off!! I'm a klutz and it's not an unusual event!)

A Sassy Redhead

Friday, February 24, 2012




drive a

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

But I sometimes, I feel as tho I should be driving in

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

The speed limit directly out of my neighborhood, and the road I travel to and from ANYWHERE is
Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Although there is NOTHING on MY sign that says "When possible"... because it IS possible...


There are some drivers that are a REAL Granny
Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

and cannot seem to go above

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

THIS, my uneducated/unexperienced friend, can most definitely cause a

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest


I might I suggest you not pick a speed YOU want to go
Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

But rather, actually go WITH the
Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Please. and THANK YOU! It would REALLY help me to

But juuuuust in case you don't get the hint....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today is a wordless Wednesday for me.. well, sorta!


Just outside our bedroom door, hangs a pictureless frame.  Big Daddy and I use it to leave little notes to one another. We don't draw attention to the note we've left. We just say what we want to say and leave it for discovery.  Today, this was my discovery! ♥

{I apologize for the terrible quality. I snapped this photo with my iphone so I would have it with me always :) } 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An almost 40 yr old should not do what a 5 yr old can do!

Hey ya~  So I thought I might share a little embarrassing real life moment I had at work today...

So, I'm a preschool teacher, right.  Most days, when it's especially nice out, we have a second "recess" time on the play ground.  I am usually that teacher that will run around like a doofus "scaring" the kids, tickling them til the fall to the ground in laughter, slide with them.. you get the picture. This, was just an ordinary day.  We were all out on the pebble filled play ground and the kids wanted me to play tag. Ok, sure. It was pretty close to pick up time, parents were already waiting in their cars~ watching the kids play, and I thought I'd run these little buggers before they went home. Smart teacher. {insert a high five} So, I proceed to chase kids, they chase me, I chase them.. you get it. A normal game of tag.  It was my turn to be "it" and I thought I'd outsmart these smarties that always seem to gang up on me when I'm not "it".. even thought there is only ONE "it" person! ;)   So I walked up the stairs onto the playscape and watched.... They were all taunting me with the whole "you can't get me.. you can't get me..."  [Oh yea!!! We'll just see about that!]  So I catch this one kid coming up the stairs out of my periphery.  As I turn around to face him he goes flying down the slide laughing... So, naturally, I go flying down the slide laughing... proceeding then to run after him.  Well. That's when my fast moving world changed a bit. My feet got firmly planted in the thickness of the rocks and hole the smarty pants had been digging!   Now, if you know ANYTHING at about Newton's Law of Motion (you know... a body in motion stays in motion... that whole thing) then you have your visual.  My feet stopped dead in their tracks in the hole... but my body... yeah. It kept on a' goin!  This is precisely why an almost 40 yr old should not do what a 5 yr old can do!

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Linking up with laughter!

My Life and Kids

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kitchen REVEAL!!

Hey friends!! 
Guess what today is??

It's the looooong over due BIG REVEAL of the FINISHED kitchen!!
(and it has only taken us one whole month to get it all done! ~ enter sarcasm here)

But before I reveal it...
Let's take a wee little stroll down memory lane and remember where we started.
When we bought our house almost
6 years ago, I loved it! I did not, however love the kitchen! It does not go, as in belong, with the square footage of the house... not by a long shot! It's what we call.. THE ONE BUTT KITCHEN! And since I cannot gain square footage, I thought if I made some cosmetic changes, I could learn to love my kitchen.

Sorry guys... Big Daddy began the deconstruction and dissemble before I could grab the camera.... ok fine.. before I thought to grab the camera.  Eh.  Story of my life.  *shrug*
Again... I apologize for the super crappy camera we have! I know the photos "make" the post.. BUT.. for now.. we're just gonna pretend  ;)
 When we replaced the floor 2 years ago, we removed the island. We went with something that was removeable for more space when needed.

Now keep the old details in your mind's eye...

*blah brown cabinets
 (which I happen to think our crappy camera actually made look pretty decent~ humpf.. go figure!!)
*gray formica
*double (nasty old) sink
*builder's grade faucet
*can light above sink

OK.... ya ready??

Drum roll, please.....

TA- DA!!   Our labor of love!

We now have:

♥White cabinets
♥Butcher block counter tops
♥Large tub-style sink
♥Shiny new GORGEOUS faucet
♥and a sweet little shandy to boot!!
 ♥a super cutesie bamboo floor mat from Wuslu that was Miss Mustard Seed's pick!! I lurve this thing!! 

OH.. and lots of fun new {and new'ish} accessories and decor thanks to Goodwill and stuff I already had around the house! 

Traci, over at Beneath My Heart inspired our faucet choice! Thanks for all your help :)

Paying tribute to our Louisiana roots... FEAST with a Fleur de Leis

Thank you Pinterest for this lovely idea!!

Did you happen to notice the pink bead board backer INSIDE the cabinets??

 One last lookie loo!  


I'm so happy you stopped to look! I'd be even happier if you leave me some love ;)
{And if you're feeling all lovey.. maybe even follow me, too}

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