Saturday, March 17, 2012

Be Nice or Leave

To say we are all just a little addicted to Pinterest would be a gross understatement!  You know it. I know it.  If there hasn't been a support group in your area, maybe you should start one...  
Who are we kidding... I mean, who wants to give up Pinterest?!  Not THIS girl!

So. I made a decision.

I am going to finally get off my kiester and MAKE SOMETHING!  I even have a folder named
 "Things I really must accomplish" 
to help push me in that direction!  {I'm not lazy, really.. just a procrastinator!  A major procrastinator... As in QUEEN of PROCRASTINATION (and spider webbing... but that's another post, another time)"}

Ok.. so here is one of the very first things I saw and pinned. I LOVED this!!

Don't you just LOVE it?! I not only love the chair, but I simply love what it says!  "Why?" you wonder? 
Because  I have 3 teenage daughters!  With that.. comes arguing, bickering and complaining. 
When they can't seem to get their crap together and we've had enough, we yell at them to get outta here and go upstairs!  ask them kindly to leave the room!

But now... we don't have to ask.  We don't have to utter a word!  
We. Can. Just. Point!  
and I LIKE that idea!

And since I don't have this fancy a house, with the fancy chair, I improvised....  (and you can too!)

Like me, you can go to Goodwill.
 Hobby Lobby.


  @ Goodwill, you can find cool junk, like THIS!
{it's actually kinda pretty}

And pay this...

And, like me, when you're leaving, you'll get weird looks~ like this..

But they don't  know what a genius plan you have... SO... onward you march!
With your head high and  a goofy grin smack across your face because, like my inspiration, yours is THAT awesome, too!

So you get it home and lay it out on your paint sheet; like this.

[Oh Wow.. It's really quite large!]

4 cans x 5 cans!


Then. You grab this, this and this.
 {cuz we're super fancy like that!}

 Then, you spray 2-3 coats of the Chalkboard paint all over the faux painting;  like this.

And  you use the paper bag to shield the board so you can paint the frame; like this.

**What can I say... I stun even myself with how improvisional I am sometimes.  HAHA  ;) **
{yes huh, it's a word!}

And if you get a little over-spray, like this... don't fret..

You've got a paper bag.  You can spray over it.  Like this.

Then, you'll end up with something quite nice.. Like this!

Now... You need to use a piece of chalk to "prime" your board; like this.

Then wipe it off with a damp towel.

Position your letters, you know, the one's you got from Hobby Lobby for half price!! 

and fill in the letters with chalk, so you can have something that's as spectacular



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(By the way~ Don't ever pay full price at Hobby Lobby! EVER!  There is always a 40% off coupon available to print, or show the check out person from your phone, if it's not already on sale in the store)

(weird how lighting changes the wall color!) my walls are yellow.. like this..


I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

Even my kids ♥ it!  :)
 {{and I didn't have to explain it's meaning either!  wink. wink.}}


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank ya ma'am! Isn't it fun!! :)

  2. Cool idea!!
    Barbara @

  3. Once again, you make me say, "OH MY GOD!"

    You're way brilliant. =)

    1. You make me blush ;) heehee.. Thanks Carrie!

  4. I remember when I first saw this! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE it,I need one in my house! lol Deidre~

    1. Personally, I think EVERY mom needs one in her house! LOL =) Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. that's a fun idea, I might have to try it out

    1. It was really fun and quick! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  6. Great job!!

    I have a confession to make.

    I haven't been to a week.

    I think I'm bored with it.

    1. Ya know.. between me and you.. I took a sabbatical from Pinterest, too. It did the body good ;) But SHHH... it's our little secret!

      Thank you for you the love!! :)

  7. I love Pinterest. I love chalkboards.
    Very nice.

    1. I love Pinterest. I love chalkboards. ;)
      Thank you much!

  8. I've been wanting to find an old framed canvas print to paint over and do something like this but I haven't had any luck. Hopefully one day I'll walk into goodwill and it will be there waiting for me!

    1. Oh I snatched that puppy up! and then got all the gawkey stares as to why on earth I'd be buying THAT!?! hahaha... ;) Good luck!

  9. i love that gold cane-back chair. rather regal.


    ever since YHL's pinterest challenge- I'll been "getting crap done" too. and deleting a LOT off my pinterest board. a digital, spring cleaning if you will.

    your voice is refreshing and hilarious too.

    i'll be back for more.

    1. I made a deal with myself to delete one pin a week (ok, so I know it'll be hit or miss depending on the project)! I have all this great stuff, but not enough walls!! haha~

      Thank you so much for the love!! Can't wait to see ya around more ;-)

  10. Super Cute! I love the quote. With two boys I have one pinned that says "if you are going to act like a turd go lay in the yard"-makes me laugh every time but this one is much more appropriate for hanging in the house! Pinning it now!
    Jen @

    1. I HAVE THAT PIN TOO!! haha.. and I've actually said it to my hubby a time or two! lol

      Thanks for the love!! :)

  11. Such a fun idea.. Thanks for linking up at friday fun party..

    1. Thank you!!

      and thanks for hosting! Looking forward to more par-tayying! ;)

  12. What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I need to use this idea for my hallway!

    Thanks for linking to the party.


    PS I'm leaving, but I'm really nice, too :)

    1. hahahaha! Karianne, your PS is awesome!

      And thank YOU for the ♥ and hosting! :)

  13. Love how this turned out ... and your no-frills no tape tutorial and tips were excellent. And I love your voice!

    Thanks so much for linking it up at our "It's a Cinch" party!



    1. Thank you Linda! and I soo love that you can appreciate my "lack of" preparation! lol

      Thanks for the ♥! Really enjoying your blog :)

  14. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this at Drab to Fab last week!
    This week’s party is live right now!

    I’d love for you to link up again this week with more of your amazing stuff! Old or new is always welcome :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

    1. Aww... thank you!! I'd be honored! :)

  15. Oh how I love chalkboards (and often get those weird looks when I have a "brilliant" idea)!

    Fun saying too!

    Glad you linked it up to our Cinch party

  16. Thank you Kelly!! :) Hope to have something fun to link up this week!

  17. Wow, this came out so awesome. And coming from one former treacherous teenage girl, my God grant you the power to take those girls down when you need, I mean the patience to deal. :)
    I'm pinning this.
    Thanks so much for sharing this at our party!


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