Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In this house...


My name is Kristy. And I am a Pinaholic!

I can never seem to get enough decorating/design OR crafts OR quotes OR just all in all whimsy! There are sooo many things I am determined to do and this little project ranked SUPER high on the list!

On Sunday, BD {Big Daddy} and I were riding out somewhere between the middle of nowhere and here and there.. On the side of the road was THIS little beauty... All lovely and weathered...

I'm pretty sure I was driving the man insane with my ranting "flip a U-ey.. FLIP. A. U-EEY!!"... but I'll do what it takes for a total score !

I knew immediately that it would be a great fit for a blank wall in my dining room! It's the first thing you see (if you turn your head to the left) when you walk thru our front door. AND the room is in the middle of an overhaul. Therefore, it's PERFECT!

So today, I got out an almost-empty-but-certainly-I-can-find-SOMETHING-to-paint-with-it paint I had left over from one of the many, many... many times I've painted a room in my house and roughly painted it.

I then free handed.... because I kinda like the "easy go lucky" look and I don't have a stencil.... the words that inspired me! Aren't they awesome! And just so you know, I think we have the LOUD part down to a science! ;)

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy cool so I had to share!

Distressed photos on canvas! Oh. Em. Gee! I really love this! Just THINK of the possibilities and all the different canvas sizes--- maps, your childrens art work, family photos, words of inspiration, collages, puzzle boards, ahhh... I could go on and on! Lemme just tell ya now~ I'm gonna have fuuun doing this!! These are 2 tutorials~~ IF you click on the 2nd tutorial (Bryce's room) and it brings you straight to the "comments" section, just scroll all the way up! Not sure why it's doing this!
And you may have to copy and paste in a new window for the first one. I've been working on getting it to link with no luck. (I am new at all this). Sorry.. Even with all the mishaps.. it's sooo worth sharing!! :)

A Temple Picture For Bryce's Room

As always, feel free to leave me (and them) some love in the comment section! We really do love hearing what you think!! <3. <3.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Help

I was raised in Southwest Louisiana.  I was a child of the 70's.  We did not have "help" in our home. We did, however have a house keeper that came every Wednesday.  Her name was Stella. She was the crankiest, funniest, loudest woman I think, as a child, I had ever met and I adored her! I was a latch-key kid and my school was only a block from home. I have memories of being ecstatic every Wednesday afternoon when the bell rang because I knew who would be there! Like the consistancy of clock work.. every Wednesday I would fling open the storm door just in time to hear Stella holler "Don'tchu go runnin thru that kitchen girl!! I just mopped!"  I would just giggle to myself because she said the same. exact. thing. every. single. Wednesday. as if I some how could forget!!
Well, one thundery, rainy Wednesday, I ran home as fast as I could. I flung  that storm door open, torn into the house and headed STRAIGHT.. INTO.. THE KITCHEN!  I went saaaiiillliingg across that freshly mopped floor flat on my 10 year old back!!!

As I read The Help, I laughed, I cried, and my inner child secretly longed for the kind of love I felt from my Stella. Even tho she was just our "once a week house keeper" and she hollered and fussed at me any chance she got.. I somehow felt loved. And the love we all shared for Stella was well known to her  :)

Though I am eager to see this movie (really, really eager), I am a little reluctant because after reading this incredible tell tale account of living in the deep south {with The Help}, I have my characters all worked out in my head. What they look like, sound like... and as far as children go, even smell like. So as I grapple with this little issue of mine, tell me... Have you read the book? Have you seen the movie? Did you have a Stella growing up??

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sure it's a little icky looking now.. but nothing a little sanding, a can of spray paint, and new fabric can't cure! (and yes, you are seeing my collection of chairs all piled together~ please don't judge) And what's even better...  I have TWO!  Oh yeah, baby ~ double the love!   I was lucky enough to come across these beauties at a church garage sale for the low, low price of $7.50 each!  I totally had to get a grip on my excitement in fear that if the lovely volunteers saw the enormous amount of joy I felt that was about to explode like a volcano they would either a) think I was a raving lunatic or b) decide $7.50 a chair was waaay too low!  Have you ever seen the commercial for IKEA where the lady is running out of the store screaming "START THE CAR!! START THE CAR!!" at her husband who's waiting for her IN the car?? WELL... That describes my excitement level at that very moment! lol
I'll share a little secret with you if you promise not to flick me in the head when you see me.... As excited as it is that I snagged 2 of these babies {with arms}, there were actually 6 , yes, 6 more without arms!  I know, I know.. I can hear your gasps now!!  I really should have gotten them all!  So take it from me.. If ever in doubt, and the price is a steal, GET 'EM!  Don't over think it.. just do it!  You can always sell them and probably even make a little profit!  In my defense, we were in Humble, TX and we do live 3.5 hrs away. We didn't really have the room in our van (oh the horror.. yes, I drive a minivan).  But in hind sight~ I should've gone to U-Haul, rented a little truck for $20 and got them all!  Ya live and learn.  Won't be making that mistake again!
Ok.. so are ya ready for the big reveal and why I HAD to have these??  dun, dun, dun, duuunnnnnn...

CANE BACKING!!!   CANE BACKING!!!  Seriously people, I may faint all over again... ahhhh!!
(umm yeah, I really am that easily amused!)

After I sanded it with my sweet, little hand sander, ((You know, the kind that vibrates so much it leaves your hand practically numb for hours after your done?!))  I wiped it all down to remove the dust and I sprayed it with a coat of primer. 

 I let that dry, then sprayed 2 coats of White, Satin finish, spray paint.  While that was drying, I ran over to my local JoAnn's Fabric Store (cuz I had a 40% off coupon just burnin' a hole in my wallet!) and got 3/4 yards of peerr feecctt  (high pitched singing)  fabric!  Enough to cover both chairs. The total for the fabric??  A whopping $5.67!

Sooo.... what'd ya think?!  I happen to TOTALLY and COMPLETELY ♥ love♥ it!!

Groovin on over to the parr-taayyy....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When I get excited, I tend to be all OVER the place...

I don't know about you, but my home decor is ever changing! My mom says ya can't blink in my house! I'm famous for randomly moving something that has caught my eye. I think "hmm.. that looked good when I originally put it there... but what if....."  and then it usually finds a new home somewhere else in the house for a while.  Is it just me?  *PUHHLEASE say it isn't! Or if it is, LIE!*   And now with my new obsession love of blogs and Pinterest, things in my house are reeaally being looked at with new possibilities!  You people have no idea what your talent is doing to my OCD for decorating!  ;)

As I was looking at this morning, I stumbled across something that really got my blood movin! Not only do I absolutely LOVE the decor in this room.. but...  {squeal}

THIS is in MY family room!! {elevated squeal}

Please pardon my less-than-elaborate camera's taking abilities... I really do need a new camera!

I LOVE how stately and beautifully breath taking the designer's pelican picture is!!  I have been in love with my picture since I first laid eyes on it! So much so that the decor in my entire downstairs has evolved from this picture! The wall color is even a shade in the pelican's bill.

Here are a few more picts of my family room...

I am currently in the market for a larger rug. I have been to Home Goods ALOT and just haven't found THE one!  We have 2 domesticated-because-they-seriously-think-they-are-human dogs, Australian Shepherds - Weezie and Stella- so I can't get anything looped.  I've been warned that their nails will pull the loops. I do love the look of jute and sisal and I know either would look amazing in here, however I spend the majority of my time barefoot when I am indoors and those textures are just not doin it for me. I may have to compromise and get house shoes just so I can have the "look" I am after.  But hey, if you have any suggestions.. suggest away! Really!  OH and I should mention the ottoman is being revamped (just haven't found "the" perfect fabric yet) and I have considered painting my coffee table to look more like PB's version..

  See what I mean.. it never stops. lol!

The dresser on the right was a garage sale find for $5! Gave it a good coat of black spray paint and some fancy new knobs from Hobby Lobby and voila!  After looking at this picture tho, I am now wondering if black was a good choice?? Everything seems so dark on that side of the room.. hmm....
I know I need a cord cover for the tv. It's yet another project that I have procrastinated accomplishing.

Here's where the "sporadic" really comes in~  I tend to be random.  Bare with me please.  So, I would like to paint this dresser using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint! I just can't decide what color! There are soo many beautiful colors to choose from!  What would your choice be??

And last, but certainly not least..

These are on my kitchen window sill... I LOVE blue Ball jars! They speak for themselves.  :)

Can't we just say that the above pictures are my BEFORE pictures and call it good??

Monday, August 15, 2011

~~ Walking on Water ~~

I. am. absolutely. GIDDY!!!  I bought my HAVEN2012 ticket today! woot! woot! [insert running man here]  Well actually BD {Big Daddy} bought it, but I'll explain more about that in a sec.

I found out about this awesome little DIY soiree weeks ago and have eagerly been awaiting tickets to go on sale.  Now, before we go any further and since we're still in the "getting to know you/me" stage... there's something you need to know about me.. Although I consider myself to be pretty impulsive, I am selectively impulsive!  As of recently, I decide to start doing things I NEVER thought I'd do. I decided if I am ever going to walk on water, I have to get out of the boat!  Hence, this blog... traveling to HAVEN2012 alone (I seldom go any where alone and my family and friends can attest to that. Not for any other reason than I just like having company)  Please note I did not say "going" alone.  I so believe God is answering prayer because of my faith and trust in HIM.  Just today I was blessed to "meet" 2 new friends (And from my home state to boot!) that are also going!  And since it's always nice to have people to share life's experiences with-Yay God!

Ok, so remember when I said BD bought the ticket ^^up there^^ for me? Well, I kinda made a little deal with him.  If HE treated me to Haven, he could use it as my 40th birthday gift, which happens to be in June 2012!!   What man in their right mind would turn down an opportunity to not only not have to think of that special OMGSH YOU'RE TURNING 40 gift for his wife, but she would actually hand it him personally on a silver platter (or credit card as the case may be)?!  And she is thrilled to do so!  Hmm.. come to think of it.. he got off pretty easy didn't he!?!  ;)

Anyway, if you're in for doing something new and exciting and ready to "get out of the boat".. JOIN US! I promise you won't drown!

On a side note:  This just popped up on my fb.. I'm thinking it's confirmation worthy of sharing!

Our job is to be obedient to God...the results, are His job~ "He makes a way where there is no way. He loves to use unlikely people so He gets all the credit for any good that comes from their frail and faulty efforts. He isn't looking for the most qualified person. He is simply looking for someone who will dare to say yes to Him

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wait, what?!

Well, my husband, aka Big Daddy, decided he would volunteer our garage for the beer making he and a friend do as a hobby. Wonderful!  Just what I've always wanted for that space. Nevermind that I have a boat load of projects that desperately need finishing starting!  Where in the world am I suppose to do this now, huh?!  The good news is, BD organized most of my chaos AND I since I am giving up valuable real estate, they have agreed to brew a batch of cherry Lambic first! I don't normally like beer... but Lambics are an acception to the beer rule. Wait.. what's happening here.. This post isn't supposed to be about beer!  Moving on...

What I originally was thinking about when I sat down to write this post was the extremely obvious chair fettish I have out in said garage! I mean, whoa! Under my "Do NOT Toss.. I-mean-com'mon-this-stuff-is-good-enough-for-a-garage-sale!" pile, we uncovered not one, not two, but 6 chairs!! All waiting to be refinished, reupolstered, re-something because they are not coming into my house in their current state!  I was hoping to post pictures, but by the time I found the not so fancy camera I have, BD already moved everything back in he had taken out to manouver the beer making contraption.  So... this post, that's NOT about beer or the contraption that's going to make the beer, will only have a picture of the contraption that's going to make the beer. I will get better at this.. Promise!

ps.. if you have a hubby and he likes beer.. show HIM the picture. He'll appreciate it for sure ; ) Big Daddy said he may also be interested to know it's FULLY automated with pumps and heat exchangers!  (I'm thinking this is impressive?!?!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Don't mean to be a debbie downer...

When I decided to write this blog I decided to use it as an outlet. Sometimes it will be a creative outlet.. other times it will be an emotional-every-day-life outlet.. Today is one of the latter... 
My last post was a glimpse of my role as parent trying to pick up the pieces of my 18 yr old daughters broken heart.  Today, I find myself frantically picking up the pieces of my own heart.  I don't think anyone can ever quite prepare you for motherhood and all it entails. When your child is an infant, they rely on you for their very existance~ every single second of every single day. You heart fills with more love than you ever thought possible for it to hold!  As they grow older and become more independant (which is the ultimate goal in how we raise them, right?!) we have to learn to allow them to make choices and suffer the consequences. Although it can be heart wrenching, we know this is good parenting and it will shape them into becoming solid human beings (Lord's willing).  But what I don't think we can ever really be prepared for is the task of letting go... really letting go... allowing them to find themselves, figure out thier own future and find the path that God has created for them. We so desperately want to guide them, hold their hand, lead them and talk them thru it all. But sometimes, we just have to let go and let God. I write this now thru tear filled eyes while giving God my heart to hold and my daughter's to lead.  The love we have for this child is soo deeply rooted and ingrained... how in the world do I step back, drop her vulnerable hand and allow her to do "life" without me leading the way?  *sigh*  The only way I see how right now is to give my daughter solely to God... consecrate her to His care, PRAY and TRUST HIM!!!  Guess the question holds true now more than ever.... HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU LIVE A LIFE OF FAITH WHEN IT REQUIRES SO LITTLE OF IT?!?

If you've "been there, done that".. Please feel free to leave me your words of wisdom  :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Heartbreaks and having faith

We've all been there... Our first devastating break up as a teenager. I don't think there's much worse than the first experience of life's curve ball when it's catapulted in your direction! It is quite different seeing it for the first time as a parent too. YOU know it will get better because time really does heal, but there are no words to convince your heartbroken child of this fact. She needs time and she needs Jesus. And I know from experience, she needs her momma's outstretched arms whenever she needs them around her! So, baby steps it is into the future of each passing day. Prayers to be said so hearts can be mended and faith restored.

I remember very well the first time (of many) my heart was ripped from chest.. Do you?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Learning lessons and trying not to die

Well, I some how managed to delete my original post from yesterday! I reposted it today as "De Ja Vu". So if you feel like you're seeing it again, it's because you are! Oops! See, I really should do a tutorial or buy Blogging for Dummies. Note to self- make a trip to Half Price Books.. It will make your life simpler.

After running over an hour and a half late (which will be of no surprise to anyone who knows us), we are finally all loaded up and on our way to Ft. Worth to help my BIL move into his new apartment. I am praying my husband (aka Big Daddy) doesn't kill us all first! He is not too happy with the idiot from Arkansas driving in front of us going 10 mph UNDER the speed limit in the fast lane! Currently we're trapped. No going around him. Not that Big Daddy would bc he just announced "oh it's ON!" in response to idiot slamming on his brakes! I am pretty sure said idiot is dinking around on his phone. Ugh! I wish I could carry around a paint gun and shoot it at people like him. Not only is your car not a phone booth, but every one knows men do not multitask well. ;)

Anywho, I am hoping to have some pictures posted of his apartment because from my BIL's description... I will be in industrial heaven!

As always...
C'est si Bon,


De ja vu

would be to actually READ how to blog. But since I pretty much live my life (un)simply and impulsively, I'm gonna wing it for now. I think I must have this sick sence of personal torment because if I would take the time to do things right the first time, my life would be so much easier.. You know.. Simpler. A concept I just cannot seem to grasp.

As I am sure you are wondering by now.. Who am I? I am a wife and a mother to three teenage daughters. Our youngest is actually 12 1/2, but she acts like she's already 13, so we'll just go with it. To sum up life in our house would be LOUD, LOONY, and LAZY! Loud, aside from stating the obvious THREE teenage girls (and their friends) here, I don't think once in my life I have ever been accused of being a soft spoken kinda person! LoOnY because everyone in this house has either been asked if they had, or has felt as if, they have lost their minds! And l a z y... well, because there are THREE teenage girls residing here. But it is also a house full of LOVE! Love for each other and love for Christ!

In reading my blog, I hope to entertain you, give you "food for thought" and inspire a little creativity. Oh, and I forgot to mention.. I was born and raised in SW Louisiana. I love my Cajun roots and may even let them appear from time to time. ;). In closing I will say...

C'est si Bon,


Living life (un)simply: The simple thing to do...

Living life (un)simply: The simple thing to do...: "would be to actually READ how to blog. But since I pretty much live my life (un)simply and impulsively, I'm gonna wing it for now. I think I..."