Sunday, March 11, 2012

The YUMMIEST Grilled Pork Tenderloin EVAAAAA!

SLAP YA MAMMA~ Grilled Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Cream Cheese and Jalapenos

Pork tenderloin (remove the silver skin)
1/2 block of cream cheese (*roughly* per tenderloin)
1 fresh jalapeno pepper (deveined and sliced.. reserve seeds) *if there is a black spot on the jalapeno, it's HOT
Thick sliced bacon

Salt, pepper, garlic powder

Butterfly your tenderloin. A tip~ Don't cut all the way to the end of the loin. You run the risk of loosing cream cheese. But if you do, like I did.. wrap bacon at the end and "pin it".

*Here's where I got too involved in what I was doing to remember to snap some shots.

Cut 1/2" pieces of Cream Cheese to lay across one side of the pork and top with slices of jalapenos.

Add reserved seeds for heat.

Fold other side over and pull closed while wrapping your bacon around it to hold it all together.

Use as many toothpicks as you need to ensure it stays closed... otherwise, you'll loose your cream cheese on the pit!

It's time for the barbie!  We have a charcoal grill, but this can be done on a gas grill, too.
(If you bake, make sure your broiler pan has a rack for drainage. That's ALOT of bacon grease)
Cook over direct medium heat. (350-450 degrees)
Cook 5 minutes on all 4 sides. Total cooking time should be 20 minutes.
Internal temp of meat should read 150 degrees.

Remove from grill, lightly cover with foil and let rest 5 minutes before slicing.

Y'all! This will make ya wanna "slap ya mamma"! It's soo good!

WHEN you make this, cause you WILL, come back and leave me a comment tellin me just how delish you think it is ;)

Happy eating!!

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