Sunday, October 2, 2011

OoKy SpOoKy

I LOVE to decorate for Halloween! Love it, love it, love it!! WHY?? Because I love folky vintagey kinda stuff and Halloween decor HAS it! I usually pick one or two things up a season to add to my collection. It's so much fun. I typically find my goods at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods~~ BEST stores evaaa!!!
But this year, I decided to do something a tad different in my formal dining room. I am not limited to my love of all things vintage... oh no... I really love blingy, flashy, fun, funky too!

SO.. bet you're wondering what I got, huh?!

First, lemme ask ya a question...

What would YOU create with a wreath, a silk rose, a blingy skull, paper candelabras, a couple of birds, spiders and sparkly feathers from Michael's??


What if I fluff up the wreath.... add these here....

(these feathers were actually with the CHRISTMAS decorations! Yes, Christmas and Halloween are out in the same season. You know, cuz it makes perfect sense!) {Not that I'm complaining.. because without it, I wouldn't have these fun little feathers. Happy I was able to cringe and smile all at the same time *wink, wink*

OK... and so maybe that there.....

And put these guys here and here....

Oooo... I think I might likey.....

I DOOO likey!! And the very best part?? NO GLUE GUN REQUIRED! Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy using the glue gun, but if I can whip up a table wreath in 2.5 seconds... I'll take it! I haven't found "THE" perfect table cloth as of yet. Thinking I may just go get some sparkly purple fabric and then cover it with black netting to give it dimension and a touch of glam... What do you think?! I also currently do not have any curtains in there so I am thinking maybe something in a gauzey material?? I don't know yet.. gotta put on the ol' creative thinking cap~

Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome! See that little comment section down there? That's where you can leave me your thoughts ;)

Like I said, I don't normally decorate with this "style" ( my mom said it reminds her of Guns and Roses! HA!! I didn't even know my mom knew who Guns and Roses WAS!! lol!!)

This is more my Halloween decor...

See what I mean... So totally different. And I'm just fine with that~

I really like my fun blingy table wreath and paper candelabras! They are different and fun and little funky... just like me :)

Here's one more peak...

Happy decorating!!


  1. I'm going to have to agree with the idea for sparkly purple fabric and black netting... it'll look pretty amazing!

  2. Way cool blingy skull. Love that fan, too.

    Nothing wrong with a touch of glam. At all. You have totally inspired me with the table-wreath concept.

    Guess what - we found our Blue Chateau! Check it out on my blog. Woohoo!


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