Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throw pillows with a funny story

Setting the stage:

People who know me {personally} know I say and do things that most normal people only think of saying or doing.  It's just who I am.  Please note that I do have a [semi] filter so the things I say/do are often pretty funny (not rude).... even if only to myself.  (some laugh with... some laugh at... but either way, it's all good...cause they laugh... right?!)

So here's where this is going:

Back in April, our very large community had a very large garage sale.  Man, oh man!!  I am SUCH a sucker for garage sales!  BUT since we just moved here, and I had a. lot. of crap to dispose of {and I needed some moola to CMA (cover my a$$) for all the "goodies" I've been collecting for the new house} I desperately needed to have my own sale.
  Needless to say, to hold my own, was going to prove to be quite a challenge for me.  I told my best sister-friend that I was going to have Josh run ours, while I went out and shopped!  (because that is just sooo like me!)
 Well, I don't think the hubs found a lot of humor in that~ sooo I ran ours.  
To ensure I would actually HAVE mine, and not skip out and shop,  I teamed up with my best gal pal and brought all my crap to her house!  After we set up, at the freakin butt crack of dawn, the shoppers arrived.  I made small talk with a sweet lady that was scoring big on some of my schtuff, throwing ideas around with her as she was decorating her new home.  She left... went next door and did some more shopping.  My gal pal and mom encouraged me to go over there and see what they had, but I declined.  I was determined I was going to actually PROFIT, not break even. That my getting up at 5am was certainly not going to be for nothin'!
About the time I was saying "nooo.. that's ok...",  I see my new found friend walking across the street to her car carrying a set of black and white pillows I HAD. TO. HAVE!
{this is where my "unique-borderline-cahRAZY" personality kicks in}
I freaked!! 
I gasped!! 
I HAD to get them!
I began muttering run on sentences like "OMGSH, they would totally match my decor", "Holy CRAP!  I've been looking for that print!!", "I'm gonna do it!  I'm buying them from her!"
So I grabbed some money out of my {profit} box and ran over to her..  
As she was putting the pillows that I had to have in her car, I was like 
"HEY!  WOW!  I LOVE those pillows!!! Do you really, really love them???"  
She looked at me all wide-eyed and befuddled... (I'm not crazy lady...chill with deer in the head lights looks, already)  
She murmured something like "ummmmmm no?????"   
So I asked her what she paid.  
She said $2.... 

TWO DOLLARS?!?!  As in a dollar a piece TWO DOLLARS?!?!
(y'all.... please know... in my head... I AM becoming the Ikea lady!!)   

So, I offered her $5 if she'd sell them to me.
And she DID!


   **watch this now for the full affect!**




By now, my mom and BGP were hysterical!  They about peed their pants!

I have no shame, people.


Bet by now, you're SUPER curious to see these coveted pillows, aren'cha?!

First... here's my couch pillows and why I needed the garage sale pillows....

And here's what the garage-sale-pillows-that-I-bought-off-another-person-who-already-bought-the-pillows pillows look like....

For $2.50 a piece!  
Oh... I forgot to mention.. 
They had never, even ONCE, been used!

See why I just HAD to have them?!  

They. are. perfect!

Have you ever done something so off the wall that you can't help but giggle (even if it's only on the inside) every time you think of it?!



  1. OMG you are just too funny!

    1. ;) That's another, kinder, way to look at it... hahaha...

  2. Bc she posted on my fb page and not here...

    FROM Karen ~ I am the BGP mentioned and yes I was cracking up. I would have never never done this however it was AWESOME watching Kristy do "her thang!" They are perfect for her space....

  3. Hilarious! I love it. I wouldn't have thought to do that. I would have just said, I love the pillows you just bought, I wish I had seen them first! Good for you!!

    1. Isn't it funny that I never ONCE had that train of thought! hahaha. You know... the LOGICAL train of thought. ;)


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