Friday, January 25, 2013

Lamp re-vamp

Most of you know, we are in the middle of buying a house, selling our house and moving to another city so, I've not blogged in a good long while... especially a crafty-how-to blog.  Well, today, I got my paint and my Frog tape out and re-vamped my lamp!

I found this funkadelic pendant light on Pinterest... and ohhhh how I want this in our new house!

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

But this baby ain't cheap!  {$328.00}  And I'd need TWO!

So I started thinking about how I could have this look by re-vamping something I already have.

Welp, I came across a lamp that's just been sitting in a closet and I thought "Hey! I'mma try somethin".

So.. I took this here lamp 

(my sincerest apologies for the super crappy pictures!)

And I started making stripes using my tape. I used the width of the tape to "measure" my widths of the stripes.  
After all... it's Frog tape... the stuff is amazing because it doesn't remove the paint or leave any kind of residue behind. 
 &I used a black dry erase marker to mark my spots.

And I painted my striped black with regular ol' acrylic craft paint.

 I then taped over the black, leaving a teensy bit of the gold to show and painted off white (I just mixed white acrylic with a touch of gold) and got this...

I added some embellishing/personalization and VOILA!

I most definitely need a new shade!  Not diggin the shade!! 
And I'll also spray a glossy sealer over it for added protection. :)
((and again.. I am SOO sorry for the super crappy pictures))
But, otherwise..

Wha'cha think?  Not too shabby for a ditto, eh!?!



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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Matilda Jane, our Great Dane!

I think it's safe to say, we may have officially quite possibly lost our minds...  You know... because our life isn't crazy enough at the moment.  {our big move is in 27 days!}

We've added to our already "full of life" canine  (2 Australian Shepherds) family and got ourselves a Great Dane puppy!!  

And boy!  Is she ADORABLE!

 Matilda Jane
 10 weeks; 21 lbs.

And this one just cracks me up!

Apparently, Dane's grow like really, really fast... *shrug* who knew  ;)

I'll keep ya posted