Thursday, September 15, 2011

Umm... WHAT?!?!

My girls have had a lesson about battery acid.  You see, several years ago (as in quite a few severals) we pulled a game off the shelf that had not been played with in quite a while.  As the girls were taking out all of the components of the game, they noticed something weird on one of the pieces.  It was battery acid.  Well, as any good mother who wins all sorts of "Mother of the Year" awards would do, I seized the moment and began to explain in great gory detail why they are never EVER to touch it! If they ever see any acid, they are to immediately bring me whatever they have!  (Boy, did I ever put the fear in them about battery acid and how it would eat away ALL their skin~ 'cause you know, sometimes you have to really make an impression to prove your seriousness!)  Well, one morning before school Libby, then age 5, came running down the stairs hollering "MOM!!  MOOOOMMMM!!"  As I ran to meet her at the stairs to see what all the commotion was about, I noticed she was holding a flashlight in her hand.  She was rambling on 90 mph about "that stuff"!!  When I went to take the flashlight out of her hand, she quickly pulled back and with great urgency began shouting "NOO!!  NOOO!!!!   YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT!!!    IT HAS ASS MOLD!!!"
Ummm... WHAT?!?!?!   She was trying to show me it had battery ACID on the outside!!  OMGSH!!!
Needless to say, we all about fell over laughing!! Ass mold... hmmm... That's what we'd call a "Libbyism" at it's very finest! ;)

I seriously love to reflect back on the funny things my kids used to say!  Even in their teenage stage of life, they still come up with some of the funniest things I've ever heard!   
How about your kiddos??  Do they have "ism's" like my sweet Libby??   I'd love to hear some of the things your kids have said!

Til next time...  Watch out for "ass mold" .... It'll eat away all your skin  ; )

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