Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cool Kiddie Crafts

As most of you know, I am a preschool teacher. I (and my co-teacher) teach a class of 3 yr old chir'rens on Monday and Wednesday and I (and another co-teacher) teach a class of 4 yr olds on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We are ALWAYS in search of new, fun, exciting, crafty things to do with our class! They  It can be a challenge at times! ;) I have found soo many wonderful ideas thru Pinterest!! {Btw, If you're not a member... you really should be! You can find everything under the sun there! Literally!}
Anywho... I thought I'd show you just a few of my fave's for this time of year!  I only WISH I would've had these examples or ideas when my girlies were little!! OMGSH!  Every frame in my house would have adorned little hand prints, foot prints and art work..... and I would've saved more milk jugs!!  ;-)

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

These are just a few of the fun things you can do on the cheap! ~~I love me some cheap crafty things~~ 

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