Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The ugly sweater....

We've all gotten them... the dreaded UGLY SWEATER!

Source: ebay.com via Julia on Pinterest

You know the one, from the family member that thinks it's wonderful and you're like "uhh... what?!  Pah-leeease tell me this is a white elephant exchange and I didn't get the memo?!"

You know you should smile and say thank you and be grateful and appreciative...but com'mon! Even THIS may be asking more than what even HE is capable of...

Source: toptenz.net via Sarah on Pinterest

 So what do you do with it now??   Do you keep it?   Do you, OMGSH.... WEAR it and take Holiday pictures in it??


Do you do what we did......

and REGIFT IT!!!  ;)

♥  Hoping this Christmas season finds you very, very MERRY!!!  ♥


  1. Lol, i have always wanted to hold a Ugly Sweater party with a special gift to the one with the worst!

  2. Meee too Goldie! And one of these days, gosh dang it, Imma do it!! :)


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