Monday, July 16, 2012

A dresser, some spray paint, and a love for color!

I have had this dresser for about a bazillion and one years and I've always wanted to paint it. I just never knew WHAT color to paint it. Which is not surprising. I'm the Queen of indecision. 


When I DO decide.... I GO BIG or GO HOME! Here she is before... (lurvin her curves!) 



I sanded all surfaces with fine grit paper on my handy little Ryobi sander.


I wiped it all down with a tack cloth


And since I love me some spray paint, I opted to use spray primer and spray paint.

Remember when I said "GO BIG or GO HOME"?
Well, how about Kelly Green!!  Is THAT big enough?!

(I've never used Valspar before.  My brands of choice have always been Rustoleum or Kyrlon... and they still are).  :\

3 coats and an over-spray tan!  Are you green with envy?!  HA!

Repeat the sanding and wiping, priming and spraying.

Expect your house to get a little junk-a-fide with drawer contents.
{and if you're lucky, you'll find a bee pinata in the mix ;) }


  Tip:  If it's humid outside, bring your drawers (furniture) inside to dry and acclimate.

And remember the brass hardware?  It was lookin a little worse for wear!

But after a good salt/vinegar/water soakin' and scrubbin... good as new!! :)


((please note that no matter how many pictures I took, I could not quite capture the true Kelly Green!  It's so rich and stunning in person!)

So wha'cha think??  
Are you diggin the green as much as me??
Would YOU go this big....or would you just go home?? ;)



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  1. I love it!!!! Oh I wish you could see me jumping over here...Green is my hot new color. Yes, I'm now green with envy. You rocked is sista! Paint on!

    1. Thank you SusieQ!! I think I will ;)

  2. I love it, too! I was thinking of doing a chest of drawers that I have the same way, but in a turquoise color. It is for our camp that we are currently building. Thanks for sharing cuz now I'm DEFINITELY doing it! ;)

    1. WOOHOO!!!!! I am THRILLED I inspired you!! For me... that's what it's all about!! :)

  3. So glad I am not the only one loving spray paint. So much faster than a brush. I recently painted a laminate bookcase, tried oilbase primer which turned out like crap. I reverted back to my trusty Rustoleum primer and then went to town with Rustoleum "Eden" satin finsh. LOVE that color, it is green too , but a more subdued version. Green,aqua,plum and gray are my new fave colors.

    I have had a love affair with Valspar spray paint in the past, however I do NOT like the new spray nozzle design. I do not have enough strength in my index finger to continually use it, have to use my thumb and that takes two hands on the can. Weird!!

    I do love the brass hardware, makes it look classy!

    1. IKR!! I don't like the awkward function of the sprayer and quite frankly, I think Krylon and Rustoleum just offer better, more even coverage!

  4. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP ME! I've been battling my bedroom furniture with MULTIPLE CANS of spray paint, sanding, priming, spraying, resanding, etc etc etc!

    Everything looks good EXCEPT my headboard and the tops and sides of the dresser... it just looks streaky! How on earth did the top of your dresser come out so perfect and smooth looking. I'm dying here!

    1. Hi Laurie!!

      I have found that the key to a smooth finish is LOTS of thin coats done in a rhythm that's very consistent swaying back and forth overlapping your sprays so you don't get "lines"! (Does that make sense?) I probably spray waaaay more than necessary, but I want to ensure that my surfaces are smooth! {So where most people may use 2 cans for a project, I'll use 2 1/2 to 3. I spray til I like it}

      I REALLY hope this helps you! PLEASE feel free at ANY TIME to email me!!

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  6. Blue is much better for the wall color! The yellow wasn't doing much for the sofa before. This is great. I LOVE that glossy green dresser! Fab!

  7. So pretty, Kristy! That's the same color I used for all of the mirrors in my hall. I wasn't thrilled with the Valspar, either, and my feet looked like yours too. :(
    I haven't braved spray painting a large piece of furniture yet, yours turned out great!

  8. Love this! Do you only paint the front/visible parts of the dresser or do you spraypaint the sides of the drawers too so that when you pull it out, you see green on the side of the drawers as well? What about the insides, are those brown? How did you get the spraypaint to not hit the inside, do you tape/cover? Thanks, I want to try something like this out, but don't want to make a mess of the dresser and I'm not sure exactly what parts to spray! Thanks!

    1. I only paint the parts of the drawers that are visible. (The front, upper, and side lips of the drawer face-- does that make sense??). Get a little closer when spraying those areas and be very controlled in yours sprays as to not make a mess of the inside. Spraying is easy and fast, but there is definitely an art to it ;)
      I really hope this helps!! Please let me know how it turns out :). :)


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