Friday, July 6, 2012


Ok... so when I returned from Haven Conference I swore I'd get better about posting.  As in twice a week.  I did good!  The first week.  The second week... yeah, not so much.  Sorry.  Well, actually... if I'm totally honest, I didn't try terribly hard.  Ya see, I've been up to my elbows/eyeballs/whatever in PAINT!

[You think I can't hear your remarks and sighs... oh, but I can!! ha!]   YESSSS..... I am painting the downstairs AGAIN.  In my defense, I am not only doing this for aesthetic reasons, but I am also ensuring that should a tornado or hurricane hit, my walls will still be standing!!   ;)  *um, you're welllcome family*

Anyway, I have a few little touches I want to make before the big reveal so you're just gonna have to wait a couple more days. Sorry.  I did order a rug, tho!  I'm pretty pumped about it!  I've been heeming and hawing over jute vs. sisal vs. sea grass.... the look, the feel, the durability.... yada yada.  Well... I came across this particular post over at Pure Style Home (a blog that I happen to be totally and completely in l♥ve with!) and Lauren gives this amazing and wonderful break down of all of these rugs!  GAHH!!
 I mean, gosh.. how totally genius is it of me to find that!! 
{Man, I'm totally high fiving myself on this one!}  wink, wink
Anywho, I got online and started my search.  I found a GA-REAT 8x10 jute rug at an even GREATER price at!!

{{Big Daddy's gonna probably shoot me (not literally!!) since I didn't actually consult him first... I renigged on a deal we have.... no purchases over $100 w/o consulting the other one.  He once bought a computer without consulting me~ hence, the deal!... and since I'm blogging about the whole thing, guess the cat's kinda outta the bag!  Sorry babe!  But a girl's decorator's gotta do what a girl's decorator's gotta do!  Ask anyone!}}

SO... Whatcha think?? 

I seriously can not WAIT to see it all pulled together!  I think it's exactly what our family room needed!!

btw.... This is no longer the color of the room.  Oh, and I may have swapped out the pillows.  I'm kinda famous for doing that.  (remember, the big reveal is in a couple of days!  So be sure to stay tuned!)

TaTa for now.


Disclaimer:  Overstock has not offered me any money or publicity for the plug. 
 They do, however offer everyone great prices and $2.95 on ALL shipping!  :)


  1. ok so I cant wait to see this! Perfect timing b/c Ive been on the hunt for a good natural fiber rug- I just bought a cowhide from Amazon last week & I want to layer it with a natural fiber rug.
    Hope all is well with you!

    1. It's due to arrive tomorrow and I am so antsy and giddy! And I LOVE that you're layering with a cowhide! That's going to be so beautiful! Can't wait to see that :)

      Things on my end are fantastic, thank you! Wishing the same for you! Looking forward to a meet up~ :)

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