Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner?!?!  
What... like 41 days?!  GAHH!!  
(and I've not even BEGUN to Christmas shop!) 
I don't know about you... but my gosh, time sure seems to just fly after Halloween!  
So, with Christmas on the brain, I decided to do a post with some super fun and adorable crafts you might want to make during the OH-GOOD-GOLLY-I-ATE-WAAAAY-TOO-MUCH-TURKEY-DRESSING-PIE stupor on Thanksgiving day  ;)
(cuz you know your hunny is gonna be all tummy rubbin and horizontal watching football!)

**** LET'S CRAFT, LADIES  *****

{{this first craft... I've already got the supplies for!!  and I am SOO excited to make it!!  SO stinkin adorable!}}

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

OMGsh!!!  Serioulsy!  Love it!!

Source: via Kristy on Pinterest

Don't have a silver tray?  Girl, get chur self to Goodwill!  They've always got whatcha need for a few bucks!  If you can't find the silver creamer/sugar this has... what about fancy ornaments? OR small pictures frames with your kids in them?  Think outside the box.

You could totally customize this and make each ornament different... and if you don't sew or choose to do things quicker (like me) use Witch Stitchery! It's fabulous and so easy!  And if you don't want a pillow, what about a runner or a valance?

I love what you can do with embroidery hoops!

Great front door (inside or outside) decor!!  You could even wrap garland around it! Make it your own :)   So simple!! 

This wreath is simply STUNNING!!!  I may need a few of these in front of my windows!
Grapevine wreaths are always cheap and on sale at Michaels and Hobby Lobby!
(again... make it your own!)

The kids would L♥VE to do this!  Don't want the glitter mess?  Do it in a paper bag!  :)

♥ The reason for the season in word garland! ♥

Every table needs these super cute "vases"!  Just think of the color combinations you could do! :)

Make your own Christmas cards!  How cute are these!?  Again, the kids can do this!

I have tons more ideas on my Pinterest board!  Go take a look... You're bound to find something that you just HAVE to do!!  :) 

Oh, And while you're at it... go ahead a "follow me" on Pinterest too.  

SO.... Did you see any thing here you're just dying to do?
Do you have a Pinterest that you want to share with us??  Leave your link!!


[update from my last post: I attended Spirit Fest this past Sunday (an outdoor Christian concert) and God moved my heart in the direction it was needing.  I am in a MUCH better place now :)  He never leaves me where I am!  If I'm wandering... He always gets me back on His path.  And I could not be more grateful!]


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