Friday, November 9, 2012

Poops gettin real people!

Today....  I am laying it all out on the line here and asking for prayers and/or advice or any thing you can offer!   I am being more transparent than I ever have in hopes that in doing so, I can have clarity either thru my thoughts and words, or thru yours.  PLEASE feel free to leave a comment!!
And thank you in advance for caring for me.. admitted faults and all.  ;)

As you know, our house has been on the market for almost 70 days now.  We've dropped our price by $30k since it first hit the market with only one bogus offer.  The hubs has moved to start his new job and we've been a split household for over 70 days.  To say it's been trying and difficult at times would be a major understatement.  I fight being bitter, I fight feeling guilty for being bitter, I pray for God to take the worry and the incredible sense of powerlessness from me.. only to pick it right back up again.  We are provided for.  Every. day.  We have food, clothing, shelter, and automobiles that work. We have money in the bank.  What else could we need??  We NEED to BE TOGETHER.  And that's all I seem to focus on.  I recognize and acknowledge our blessings and I truly am grateful. Truly.  So why is it not enough?  Why do I insist on dismissing it all and focusing primarily on the one thing we don't have?  Why... when I claim to live a life of faith... am I not living it?  I soo struggle with this!  The guilt of not trusting God to fulfill His plan for us in HIS timing, which I KNOW far surpasses what we have planned, is literally eating me alive. I have seen God's hand in our lives, repairing and healing hurts that may not have ever been addressed... My relationship with my girls could not be stronger...  the value of having both parents present at all times is never to be taken for granted again... There are SO many little things that God has revealed... but still.. I focus on the "one thing".  I am broken.  I am a sinner... and all I want is to please Him and be an example of what living a life faith looks like.  And I am failing miserably.

Have you ever had feelings of powerlessness?  How did you cope?  Do you have any words of wisdom to share?


{disclaimer:  please know I know things could always be worse and my problems are so miniscule "compared to".  I do not mean to come across selfishly if I do...} 


  1. Our house overseas has been on the market for over 2 years, with nary an offer. We've dropped the price several times -- although it is NOT overpriced. (Really.) It is located in a very stagnant market in which most homes are second-homes owned by foreigners who can afford to sit & wait for the market to recover. Soooo... our money sits, tied up in a foreign country. Lovely. Not to mention this lack of 'liquidity' - my husband and I have been forced to live in different locations for nearly HALF of our married life. Hang in there!!

    1. Oh my!!! Bless your heart!! I don't know that I could successfully walk in your shoes. Let's pray God doesn't test me... haha. {sorry... trying to find humor in a stressful situation}
      Thank you for your support and story. I pray your situation is resolved sooner than later!!

  2. Several years we had our home for sale for 3 months with no offers. I was a giant stress ball. Luke wanted to take it off the market- I had my feet dug in deep- we were going to SELL! Well, I prayed and God gave me peace to take it off the market. He whispered, "Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart." I slept soundly that night and was at peace with the house no longer being on the market. Then, as God often does, He surprised us. The day after we took it off the market, someone requested to see it and we sold it and bought the house we are now in (which was available had the other home sold earlier). This home was priced way, way lower than all the others in the neighborhood and only needed a fresh coat of paint. In hind sight, God had it all worked out and the timing was perfection. He moved when I submitted- a pattern I've seen over and over in my life. God's got your back, Kristy! There is a reason it's all going down this way and He is refining you in this season. Faith ain't faith when it's not tested. I look forward to hearing your God story about all this soon! :) Mary Lewy

  3. Hi Kristy, Keep your faith. Remember, God has a plan for all of us. You may not see or know the reasoning for the house not selling and for keeping you away from your husband, but there is a reason. It may be as simple as growing your faith just a little more and becoming just a little more stronger. As my pastor says, your human suit takes over, continue to ask for forgiveness. You do not sound selfish, you sound human. You are being tested and because you have your faith, you will overcome this trial. God will not give you more than you can handle. I have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Kim Glasgow (your sort of neighbor).

  4. Hi there, Keep your chin up girl... it will sell. I want to offer you some constructive criticism. I checked out your Home tour that your Realtor put together for you. Your home photographs so much better in the pictures that you took yourself on your Blog. On your Blog your home looks warm and inviting. Your home tour makes the home look cold and lifeless. I know so many of the Realtors use whatever photography setting that is to make the homes look that way. I recently saw a Real Estate expert on Good Morning America mention the same thing. That that weird photo setting makes homes look bad. Just my 2 cents. Hope you aren't offended. When we sold ours we ended up pulling the Realtor's photos and using mine. Suddenly we had a lot more showings and it sold right away. Good luck to ya!

    1. Oh my gosh! I thought it was just me being too critical... but I felt the same way! We are having an Open House tomorrow, plus I have an appt scheduled before then (WHOOP! WHOOP!) I will reevaluate this.
      And you didn't offend me in the slightest! I appreciate your honesty :)
      Thank you for your encouragement and opinion~


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