Friday, September 27, 2013

My purty little budget friendly lamp makeover

A while back the girls and I made a run to Austin to see my mom and oldest chicken.  Before heading to mom's house, we ran to my MOST favorite Goodwill ever of all time!  (because as you can see, I have my priorities in perfect order!)
There are 2 areas I hit first before perusing the entire HOME section of the store.  The pictures/frames (which also is where the furniture is... but there's rarely anything earth shaking at this particular store) and the lamps.  I came across, not one... but a PAIR of the most FAAAABULOUS brass lamps!!  It was love at first sight!  And for $14.99 each... they were mine all mine :)

Well, since bringing them home, they've moved from room to room and have had shades that I knew weren't going to be their {forever} shades.
I've been on the lookout for something fun and funky and have had zero luck!  SO.... last night while at HomeGoods, I came across 2 matching drum shades in white!  They were a whopping $16.99 each (which is about $8 cheaper than WalMart!) and my mind started to race and the ideas were coming and coming and BAM!  I had a plan that was set into motion.
[if you know me, you know that once I have an idea it's literally 
"Katie bar the door!!  Momma's got crazy eyes!"  
SO I ran over to Michael's for some grois grain ribbon to make stripes on the shades.  BUT....  Sometimes while riding the crazy train, it gets derailed by something even MORE fabulous!! 
I spotted THE loveliest wrapping paper in the dollar fifty section!!


wrapping. paper.

^^^ Here's the lamp and new white shade ^^^

 (good lord almighty I look skinny in this reflection!  I think momma's found a new mirror!)

And here's the lovely wrapping paper I put around the shade using double sided tape.


By the way... trim the paper!
A mistake I made here and had to go back to correct.
Because DUH!!!
You can actually SEE the trim thru the shade once the light is on! 

I tell ya.

I worry about me sometimes ;)

And yes, I do know there are two different bulbs in the lamps....
I am trying to decide which bulb I prefer.

The "daylight" on the left
The "soft light" on the right.

What do you think??

Either way... I am THRILLED with how fun and HAPPY they are!

Lookin all pretty and ready to greet you when you come thru the door :)
 and at $1.50 a roll... I can and WILL be changing these out....
often :)

**note to self**
when taking a picture of a mirror.... clean up the crap it'll reflect!  
Whacha think? 

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