Sunday, January 8, 2012

There's a little kitchen renovation going on

We have been elbow deep in paint for the last week!  Yes, we decided to tackle the daunting task of painting our kitchen cabinets~ OURSELVES!  Although it's soo rewarding to know YOU did it... YOU can take the credit and pat yourself on the back...  Here's what I've learned thus far... For a slight perfectionist, such as myself, it's daunting in that we are I AM hand-painting! I've learned that, to put it mildly, brush strokes drive me a little wonky, you MUST leave it alone once it's painted (or at least until it's dry!), having patience is KEY.. imperfections just simply need to be accepted and you MUST MUST MUST give yourself a little {or alot of} grace along the way! I guess it's kinda like life, really... Maybe this is my lesson.. You know, the one God has been trying to teach me all along... as in my ENTIRE LIFE! He's just decided to go a different route and do it thru kitchen renovation.

But first, let me show you what's been my inspiration in pushing myself to the outter most limits of sanity...

((Disclaimer~ I am a Pinaholic! Follow me and you can be one too!!))

Oh what I wouldn't give for THAT chandy!!  {MAJOR SWOONING!!!}
If you ever decide to do butcher block counters, check out Vanessa's site! The girl's got it goin on!!  :)  Thanks for your help!!

Now that you're all drooling with envy... here's my reality... lol!!!

We had already begun clearing all the stuff off the coutertops and realized we didn't take (an accurate) BEFORE pictures! Oopss... so, you get the gist of what we started off with.... The dreaded builder grade oak cabintes.  :p

Our kitchen table and island (yep, it's movable!) became a catchall.. FOR. IT. ALL! 

Here we go.... All our "ducks in a row".  Big Daddy was genius enough to think ahead :)  I would be an even more chaotic mess without him!  Thanks babe!

Did I mention we are trying out Rust-oleum's cabinet transformation kit??  No, I didn't... wanna know why? 

Because I am not sold yet.  The box's example of LINEN, which is what we chose, is definitely off white. 

Hmm... Do these LOOK off white to you???  Yeah, not to us either....  We shall see....  (here's where PATIENCE and accepting IMPERFECTIONS comes to play)  They have a top coat to redeem themselves in my eyes at this point!

When you're elbow deep in paint... you need to refuel and hydrate!!  ;-)

Refuel and rehydrate!  Refuel and rehydrate!  Refuel and rehydrate!

Mmmmm...... now, back to work!

We removed the inside panel of two of the cabinet door to have glass inserted! I am SUPER stoked about this decision!!

It's starting to come together!!  {Please ignore all the dishes in the sink. My priority at the moment is to paint, remember to snap picts for y'all, and keep my sanity amongst the crap hole we're living in.... not the dishes~ so, here's where GRACE comes in...}

After looking at all the lovely, amazing dreams ideas Pinterest has to offer... I started thinking about how I could make this space fun and a little funky so I went searching throughout my house and I remembered I had THIS little beauty!!   {when I remembered to take the before pict, I had already begun removing the crystals. DOH!! But you get the idea.} I have spray painted it a shimmery brass color and I LOVE IT!!  I will reveal it at my next post.. don't worry~

 Until then... 

:) Smiling thru it!  :)

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  1. Oh the memories of remodeling our kitchen! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. Looks great! We also plan on tackling the same kind of project :)

  3. Oh, wow, I can tell this will be a good one! Can't wait to see it! Love the cookie dough fuel, btw.

  4. Oh my - good luck. It is going to be gorgeous!

  5. Oh my, your cabinets are going to come out fabulous. I am worried about you changing the chandy that color you said. I will have to wait for the reveal to decide on that one. I can't wait.

    1. Oh Tery... You're gonna LOVE it! ;)

  6. Can't wait to see your after!!! I am dying to paint mine white so let me know your final opinion on Rustoleum's product!

  7. You must be very proud for taking an active role in your kitchen renovation project. Aside from the life lessons that you wrote about at the start of your post, I am sure there are some light and funny moments during the project that you can cherish with. :)

  8. Chase, we most definitely love that WE did it and all the great memories (like washing all our dishes in the bath tin for 2 weeks) that went along with it!! :). Thanks for the comment love... :) much appreciated!


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