Monday, January 23, 2012

What I made on Moday....

My family L♥VES whole fruit smoothies! It's a great way to get lots of variety without actually having to eat all that fruit!  In this smoothie (which was enough for an entire family of 5 and then some), I've added a small apple, a small orange, a banana, 1/4 ruby red grapefruit, blue berries, black berries, and strawberries. I also like to mix in fresh raw veggies... one Squash, one zucchini, spinach and carrots! YUM!  Top if off with a little honey, a Tbs of Flax oil, a splash of unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, an induvidual carton of fat free Cherry Yoplait yogurt, water and ice... and let the VitaMix do the work!

And since every meal needs some yummy protein... VOILA!
Old Bay Shrimp and Spinach
{just saute the shrimp in your oil/butter of choice~ my oil of choice is Organic Coconut oil.  Add Old Bay seasoning to your taste and maybe a dash of salt. Once shrimp is about 3/4 non-translucent, add 2 handfuls of fresh spinach. Cook til wilted; about 3 min. And it's that simple!!}
As if that weren't enough yummy goodness.. I accompanied it with some good ol' boiled Gulf shrimp!! YUUUUMMMM!!!!!

This is what I made on Monday   :9

What'd you make?

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