Friday, December 14, 2012

Shining a light on Rub 'n Buff

As you know, we are moving.... which for me, means BLANK SLATE!  My, oh my...  To say I am excited about decorating our new digs is quite the understatement!  New walls to adorn, new colors to try... a whole new look for our new life, in a new city, in a new house! {{AHHH}}  

Momma is HAPPY!

It's also quite the undertaking and can get costly, which will make daddy UNhappy...
 so I am re-vamping as many things that we currently have to keep the budget to a minimum.  
In doing so, I'm trying things I've never done.  
Like using Rub n' Buff.  
I've seen several things on Pinterest where it's been used and I love the transformation, so I thought "eh..why not". 
My color palate is quite eclectic and I'm using lots of gold accents so I thought I'd try Rub n Buff's Gold leaf on my lamps.

I'm sure you're thinking I'm crazy.  These lamps are gorgeous the way they are.
I love these lamps.  I love the wood... I love the shape... I love everything about them...
They need to work in my new space, so... I had to change em up a little.

 Let's get started.

 This is the BEST tool you can use for this product!


My first attempt was somewhat of a flop. I didn't know how to really use the product
... so it was clumpy. 
And let me tell ya.... a little goes a looooong way.
I was afraid of rubbing it off, so I didn't rub it enough. 
I began rubbing it a little harder to see if I could rub the clumps off.  
And those areas did this...  

Which really looks pretty cool.  Happy accident for a new look..
 but it's distressed, and that's the opposite of what I'm going for. 

SO... What now??  What's a girl to do? 



I used 320 grit paper and voila!  
Smooth as a baby's butt and ready for a fresh coat of the Rub n Buff.

{Still... if you like distressed... this looks WAAY cool!}

I added a new coat and guess what?

It's smooth! 

I used a q-tip to get in the crevices.
This is only the first coat.  I will need two.  
You need to wait hourrsssss before you add another coat (another lesson learned).

Patience is golden.  (ba dom domp... pshhh)

Whatcha think?!  Once I get new shades (either black or emerald green), I think they'll be stunning!

But you'll have to wait until we're in the new house for that reveal  ;)

So go out and try something new! 



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