Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year tradition

Can you believe 2012 is only DAYS away from coming to an end?!  
It's baffling to me how fast time can go by.  We get in the mind set of "hurry up, already" and then before we know it.. POOF.. those days are long gone and a mere memory.

Anyway,  that has nothing to do with my post, so I'll move on..

I am starting a new-to-me New Year tradition this year.  
My sweet friend, Terri, from Crafty Workin Mommy told me about this little trick of purging your closet.

Take all the clothes in your closet and flip the hangers backwards.

As you wear the clothes, turn the hanger the right way.  

Every 3-6 months (I live in Tx so the weather is either hot, kinda hot, or a little cool)
 purge what you're not wearing.
~ I think she may have suggested to purge at the end of the year, but I figure, if I've not worn it in 6 months... chance are, I'm not wearing it. ~

So instead of looking at your clothes like this....

You'll be more like this....

I'm thinking I'm going to find out real quick just how little of my clothes I actually wear. 

What comes next?
Well, I can either purge and replace 
(I am a woman after all... it's what we do)
I can purge and be satisfied with what I've got left.
(Nahhhhhh..... shopping sounds sooo much more fun!!)  ;)

Will you join me in this fun little experiment?  Will you have all the members in your house do it too??



  1. Hi Kristy! This is C, from Craigslist. ;)

    My friend recently hosted a clothing swap that turned out to be a great success. So if you're in the mood to clean out your closet, invite some fashionable friends over and ask that they bring clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. that they don't wear anymore. Lay everything out on tables in piles according to size groupings and article type, and with a glass of wine in hand everyone can "shop" through the selection for items they want. (Make sure you provide an area for people to try the clothing on.) It's a great idea for hang-out time with the ladies, plus you might be able to snag a few new clothing items without shopping.

    1. Well HEY there! :)
      My girlfriends and I had a "Swap Sistas" party with the same concept. It was a bring anything (clothing, shoes, purses, home items) as long as it wasn't {crap}! haha. It was SOO much fun!
      Thanks for the idea, tho!

      You need to email me a password so I can visit your blog too :)

  2. That is a great idea.

    I'm thinking of doing one of those challenges where you pick 30 items and make outfits out of them. That really makes you use your clothes!

    1. Ooooo... I like that one, Connie!! I've not heard of it. I'm wondering after all this purging, I'll even HAVE 30 things I'd wear. haha. Oh well, a teensy little shopping outing may be in my future. Dang! ;)


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