Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Carrie, A Sassy RedHead!


Ok.. so today I just HAVE to introduce you all to Carrie, from A Sassy RedHead.  She is SO stinkin funny and I think you'll think so too!  Just to prove it... Here is her blog post from last night!  :)




A Butt-cut and a Watusi. And I don’t even know what a watusi is.

Let me tell you something.

I don’t know much, but I do know one thing.

Girlfriends you can get catty, down and dirty with are the best.

Every Monday night at 6:58 pm, you will find me hurdling my sofa like a 6th grade track star.  Headed
straight to my recliner.

Remote in one hand.

iPhone in the other.

(Not cute.  Trust me.)

(The hurdling part.)

And I log on to Twitter.

(Which I did NOT like, understand, believe in, feel warm and fuzzy about or waste my time with 3 months ago.)

(God help your soul if you call during that time.)

(The folks included.)


I log on and find my girls.

My Bachelor Love Shits.

(I’m sure they could come up with a snazzier name for us but I can’t think right now.  I’m hungry.)

There are 7 of us and most of the time we have wine.  Or something adulty and alchoholicky.

And we do our best to follow Connie’s Bachelor Drinking Game Rules for that night’s episode.

(But really…after a glass or two, who goes by any rules?)

(Because women tend to just make up the rules as they go.)

We have big group conversations and little mini-conversations.

(Or as much of a conversation as you can with 140 characters.)

(And in my world, a space or comma or exclamation should not be a character.)

Here’s just a teensy bit of the catty, giggly girl-talk that goes on for 2 solid hours.

I’m sure after 714 seasons, you’ve heard of this hideous show.

We all agree that Ben, this years bachelor, has a butt-cut.

We all hate his hair.  And God knows how important good hair is to women on their men.

And then well, as the wine or adulty alcholicky drinks flow…we get on a roll.

And we take our Bachelor shit serious.

As those heavenly 2 hours go on…we can kinda get a little catty.

(But really?  There’s wine and women.)

Yep…I might as well just drag a hot pink porta-potty right into my living room.

The laughs and giggles fear no commercial breaks.

And I usually always learn something from these great girls.  And this last Bachelor gathering…it was a new word.


(That just sounds friggin awesome.)

And I’m not even sure what it is.  But I don’t care.  I’m using it.

Quite regularly, I might say.

Never in my life did I think I would look so forward to seeing a butt-cut every Monday night.

But I do.

As long as I have these girls right there with me.

And as long as there are single people in this world willing to sell their souls for a little bit of fame (and
ABC is willing to pimp them out), I’ll hurdle that sofa on Monday nights.

With my wine.

To settle in for 2 hours of some of the best girl-talk and giggles.

They are total love shit to me.


Find us on Twitter each Monday night.

And find them here:
Iris – The Bearded Iris
Connie – The Young and The Relentless
Jeanne – Inside NanaBread’s Head
Kristy – Living Life (Un)simply
Kirsten – Comfortably Domestic
Denisha – You’ll just have to say ‘hey’ to her here.

So, until next Monday night…here’s to butt-cuts, watusi’s and good old-fashioned love shit!

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  1. OH WOW!

    Do I love you? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

    Do I love you more than I did Monday night during all the tweeting/giggling/butt-cut bashing? Why, yes. Yes, I do.

    You're too much. I am so terribly lucky to have found you. So, so lucky.

    Love...lots and lots of it.


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