Friday, March 16, 2012

What does a monkey, a pig and a knight have in common?

Big Daddy (that'd be my hubby, Josh) and I had a "date day" yesterday.  I l♥ve date days!  
After lunch we decided to stop into Garden Ridge Pottery. We hadn't been in, oh, about 3+ years.. so what the hey.

"WHAT THE HEY?!?" is right! 

'Cause that's exactly what I said when we entered the door! 
Holy crap! Have they been busy remodeling/rearranging that store! 
Before, it wasn't too exciting to walk in.  Kinda "warehousey".  Sure, they had great stuff.. but the layout was ALL wrong. There was no real "direction". No real eye candy. It was kinda discombobulated, actually!
But they've addressed all of those problem areas, and more, and it was glorious! 
I thought it'd be fun to snap some picts of things you might find interesting, however I didn't want to seem like too much of a freak walking around shooting picts with my phone, so here are just a few things that captured my attention...


 This is pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the door... A sea of rugs! Oh my heavens! Never have I seen so many area rugs, in so many sizes, in so many patterns, in one place!  
Be prepared to D. I. G!

Because when you do... THIS is what you'll find!!!!


And for {an almost} 8x10... $99.99

Say whaaaa?!?!

  I am seriously considering going back and plopping this baby down in my living room!


If I didn't have 2 dogs that shed so much we could fur another dog... This black and white rug would most definitely be on my floor in the front room I am currently redecorating!  I am thinking of making one out of drop cloth tho! Wouldn't it be FAB! :)  Either in hexagons or chevron?!  GAH!


...Moving on...

Every thing was organized by color!  
Not only is it visually amazing, but it's sooo much easier to shop! 
 Especially if you're wanting collections in a particular color!


~~~~insert *GASP*!!~~~~

I L♥VE POLKA DOTS!  I really, really do! And these fun pieces just sent me over the gasping edge! 

 These were priced in range from $3.99 to $10.99  (seriously!)


Are you ready for quirky?!


 :D    hahahahaha   :D

 I ♥ him. Isn't he so funny?!

 But wait!  That's not all....

Round the corner and VOILA!  Tons of quirky cuteness to choose from! 

{I especially like the monkey picking his nose... haha.. it's so weird, it's laughable!} 
~Goodness gracious~


I like colorful things so it's no surprise that I've always liked these yard birds!

These were $39.99.  I think that's a fair price, but he's staying.

I guess pigs really do fly ;)


And these were AWESOME!

What woman doesn't want a knight in shining armor?!  LOL  Now every woman can have one... or two!   And they're life-size people... L.I.F.E. size!

Keep perusing the ginormous store and you'll see TONS of these...

  Patio cushions!  And TONS to choose from.  We really, really liked this red pattern!

... until we saw THESE!

AHHHHH... the fat lady has sung!   


A patio "redo" is in our VERY near future!  I will be spray painting our existing iron furniture (mostly because it needs it. It's sun faded and icky).
But now... they have the option of becoming a super fun color!
OR maybe black ~ cuz this green would totally POP off of black!

And just when we thought we'd seen it ALL......

{believe me when I say, there is SOOOOOOOO much I didn't take pictures of.. as in tens of thousands of square feet more!}

HELLO 70's Macrame!! 

I bet out of all this fun, quirky goodness, you're wondering what we actually bought, aren't you?!

You'll be very surprised, I think!  Nope... I know you will!


Not at all what you expected is it?!  

Yea. Me neither!  

BUT we'll have up to 7 perfectly soft, medium or hard "boiled" (they're steamed) eggs! 
A wonderful invention (for $19.99), especially for the kiddos for breakfast! 

It's "do it yourself" goodness!! 
(and I'm kind of a closet sucker for "as seen on tv" crap! haha)


Big Daddy has water pans for the BarB.  Yay for super moist smoked chicken!


And my wooden spoons (3 for $3.99) are for THIS  deliciously sweet project that Litte Bit Funky did! 
{major swoon!!!}

Do you have a Garden Ridge Pottery near you??  
If you've not been lately... it might be worth checking out!



  1. I LOVE Garden Ridge! And it's been ages since I've been, only because it's not on the beaten path I travel to and from work.

    No excuse.

    I'm going. THIS weekend. I have one of the metal chickens (I'm funky like that) and really, really love the toilet paper dudes!

    I am SO there. Goodbye paycheck.

    1. Girl, you know you're just after those Macrame plant hangers! Don'chu lie. ;)

      Josh had to "lead" me out the door.... I could've been in there for days! Guess he wanted to keep his paycheck ;) HA!

  2. Oh, I miss Garden Ridge! The kids liked it too, so much C.R.A.P. to look at. :) I love those rugs, guess shipping would make it not worth it, huh? Can't wait to see what you go back for...

  3. THIS would totally be a "freighborly" place to go!! COOOOOOME BAAAAAACK!!!!! I miss you!

    And Josh is fired UP now about the patio, so I am thinking cushions will be first on the going back list. :)

  4. I have to ask... did you go to the one in Round Rock or the one on the northern outskirts of San Antonio? I live right by the one in Round Rock and last time I was in there, it was almost empty. Might have to make a trip very soon since we are starting a room and covered deck addition to our house in the next few weeks. P.S. Kristy Swain is an acquaintance of mine and I was hoping to go to the blog lunch, but I have to work. :-(


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