Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Next Project

... is DEFINITELY going to be the Master Bedroom and Bathroom! It's blah, bland and outdated! (the bathroom, not the bedroom) It's been several years since I've even touched either space, and people.. when I tell you that is UN heard of for me, I am not exaggerating!  Not eve a little... Ask any one who knows me!  They'll tell ya!  You can't blink in my house because things are AL.WAYS getting moved around, being painted, being repainted, being framed, being unframed... you name it~ it's being done!  Matter of fact, we've lived in our home almost 6 years and every room BUT the master area has been painted/redone at least twice! (the kitchen walls have been painted enough times that if a tornado came thru, all walls would fall EXCEPT the kitchen! LOL) ANYHOOO... gettting back on track... (that's also something that's hard for me:: staying on track ;)  Our bedroom! After much thought (a concept that's new for me but I am working at getting mastered! you know, think BEFORE doing  !ha!)

I have decided the walls will be a soft gray, the curtains a gorgeous pink and I will accent with GOLD! And these two pictures have been my ongoing, never waivering inspiration!

M  A  J O  R   SWOONING!!!!! 

And I am thinking some of my furniture will be in this amazing charcoal color!  And Oh. Em. Gee. Do you SEE that chandy!!  Oh yeah baby!

My design concept also includes 2 smallish dressers on either side of our bed.  God willing, I can find 2 with recessed fronts so I can add MIRROR!! Gah!! Would that not be fantastic?! And since we live in THE DEVIL'S ARM PIT Texas and I am not sure we could survive without a ceiling fan, I will hang a shandy over on my side of the bed and have a funk-a-delic lamp for Big Daddy's side. 

And how about THIS little beauty over our bed with 2 gold sconces flanking the sides?!! Umm, can you say GORGEOUS!! 

 And YES... it's REALLY $35 at HomeDepot!! GAHH!!  A FAB mirror every one can afford!!


The only thing I am grappling with is this.... Currently our head board is old distressed white solid wood door that's been turned on it's side. I love it. BUT should I replace it with a fabric headboard or would having a little bit of distressed eclectic with all that GLAMAA be just what the space needs to keep it, well, ME?!

What'cha think??  See the vision?  and do ya love it as much as me??



  1. Oh Kristy I'm loving this color combo! I had this same picture like yours above saved and loved on it like forever! I am so glad that you are going forth and creating something beautiful. Can't wait to see. Happy decorating girl friend~

    1. I cannot WAIT to get started! I'll be searching Craig's List and Goodwill to find the dresser and a fun shandy!! Which is really more than half the fun :) WOOWOO!!

  2. Gorgeous. Sheer gorgeousness.

    I would have never thought to do gold with the gray and pink...but that totally brings it all together.

    And where, oh you find the energy?!?

    Is it sold legally?

    You've definitely got it going on. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!


      Ain't nothing like a good girl to keep the world on it's toes!!


    2. You crack me up! I am SUPER excited about getting started! After church tomorrow we'll be making our rounds all over town hittin the Goodwill stores for a dresser! Woowoo! THEN I'll come home and start on the round table in the front room! It's comin together! :)

      And I am gigglin that you noticed the blog change. See!! Even my blog layout can't stay the same for very long! hahaha! I'm totally neurotic!!


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