Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My brain has gone to the birds!!

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

I ♥ cHiCkEnS 

 They make me smile!  They make me hApPy!  

They have so much character and personality~

My dream (and I am pretty sure Big Daddy is on board) is to one day live on a "farm" and have lots of 'em!

And I want a fancy shmancy chicken coup, too!

But until then, I'm going to frighten you all with a story about my fantasy-one-day-I-am-totally-gonna-have chickens!

Source: google.com via Nole on Pinterest

Meet  ETHEL, GERTY, and ESTER.  

They are like little old ladies.  Always nosin' in your business.

 {{Little old ladies make me happy, too ;)}}

And this here
 is RUTH!

Source: google.com via Kristy on Pinterest

She's a firecracker!!
Every one laughs when Ruth's around!

This here is Vivi. She's oooooone seductive chic!

Source: flickr.com via Kristy on Pinterest

Oh, that's Fred. Don't mind him... He's one brick shy of a full load!


This is Agnes. She kinda rules the roost so you don't wanna be rufflin' her tail feathers. 

And last, but not least. These are the twins ~ Hattie and Henrietta.  They keep everyone company and keep the "pecking" order, well, in order.

And they will all see the sunset with us, Big Daddy and Bitsy~

Source: google.com via Kristy on Pinterest

Hey.   A girl can dream, can't she?


  1. I anxiously await the day YOU have a chicken coop.

    Because I will be dying to see it. I can ONLY imagine the total cool & hipness of it.

    Those'll be some darn lucky chickens.

    1. Girl... don't even tempt me! I'm just crazy enough to build the dadgum thing LONG before I have chickens!! ;) I may or may not have begun researching coup plans...

  2. Haha! I'm a city chick. I had no idea people dreamed of chickens! For me, it's more like nightmares ...



    1. Linda... This cracked me UP!

      Something you should know about me... I dream of some pretty wonky things! LOL

  3. I definitely want one like Ruth--my daughter said "Look, Mama, she has a hairdo like you!"


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