Monday, April 23, 2012

I am just a big chicken is all

Here's the story about my ALMOST tattoo!

I'm verklempted!  I truly am....  

I have been saying that for my 40th birthday (which is June 6th in case you were wondering and thinking of getting me something), that I am getting a tattoo!  I know, I know!!  It's unexpected and out-landish in character for me, right?!  So I figured it's pretty dang perfect! 

Well yesterday, I had the opportunity to go with several of my co-workers annnndddd.....


And not just chickened out... I'm talkin a FULL ON PANIC kinda chickenin' out!

Y'all... I 'bout made mehself sick with anticipation!  And to be honest, it quite surprised me because I was up until almost 2 am the night before researching my perfect font/design..what-have-you.. and then I couldn't do it.

So I am sure you're all wondering what my big ol'chicken butt WAS gonna get and where.  

Picture it... Along the outside of my foot, just below my ankle, was going to say " I am my King's ".   My original thought was "be still and know"... after Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God~.  But after much mental debate, I decided on the later. 
My middle daughter has a purity ring that says "I am my King's, and my King is mine" and I soo LOVE that!  For me, all un-pure and such, it's a reminder of my worth and where I belong in this crazy world!  Both sayings have great meaning to me so either would've worked for my personal use, but I could picture me always feeling like I had to explain "be still and know".... and I really don't care to have a repetitive conversation with that many people.  I thought about having a shirt made with the explanation but then every one would be looking at my boobs and I didn't want that either, so... I went with the self-explanatory saying.   Well, I almost did anyway!  :\

Plaah~lease tell me you've had a BIG-OL-DELFATED-ALMOST-DID-IT-CHICKEN-MOMENT too!!


{to my earlier (as in 5 hrs ago) post... I'm going with my original thought! Took a family tally and it won out! See... this is the "chicken" part for me... it's a big final decision and I'm an indecisive person!  Gah!!}


  1. HAHAH!!! You're a NUT!

    Let me know when you're ready...I'll take care of you and give you all the low-down.

    Small hint: The foot kinda hurts.

    But listen. You've given birth. I haven't. So, I guarantee what "pain" is to a piece of cake to you.


  2. and this is why I think you are just too sweet for words!

  3. I've missed this is what you've been up to! I'm a big chicken to, especially when it comes to needles. So if you need someone to talk you out of it, again...just call me!!! But, I love your idea!! You could put "I am my King's" on a necklace??? Let's pick a date!!!

    1. Janis!! Hi!! I've been crazy busy here shopping for my brother's apt in NOLA, which I will be decorating next weekend!! Gahh!!

      Let's def set a date!! I will be done with school May 21st! Let me know what's going to work for ya! ")


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