Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have issues.. of the best kind!

Oh dear heavens... WHAT have I gotten myself into?!?  

I am literally coming out of my skin, I am so freakin excited!! BUT.  I am a Nervous Nelly!!  (have I mentioned I am a Gemini!! Not that I believe in all the hocus-pocus, but I def have 2 sides of me at odds all. the. flippin. time! I live in a constant state of indecisiveness! ... on the one hand.. blah! blah! blah!.. but on the other hand.. blah! blah! blah!  hahahaha)

Ok, so here's what all the excitement is about~
I. am decorating my brother's corporate apartment in NOLA next weekend.... SITE UNSEEN!  As in, I've never been to his apt. Ever.  Sure, I have a few random snap shots to go by my mother took, but no measurements, no layout... no nuthin! {And by apartment, I mean I am focusing primarily on the entryway, living room and kitchen}

With the exception of his style direction "New Orleans elegant grunge"... he has given me FULL REIGN!! I was told, and I quote, "do yo thang!"  Oh you bet I will, mister! Game ON!

He already has a couch and loveseat and I think a coffee table and end table ~ I'm not even sure! I do know his lamps are ghetto and frat looking so they'll be the first to get the ol' heave ho!
I have a $500 budget, which may sound like plenty.. but girlfriend!  It's pennies to a girl with champagne taste on a beer budget!  (I may have been accused of this on more than one occasion by more than one perosn! MAYBE~) 
So, I've shopped every Goodwill within a 10 mile radius (because as I've mentioned before.. I rarely venture out the "loop" alone!)  I have been fortunate and found some pretty cool stuff!  I've also been to a couple garage sales and gotten lucky!

I don't want to show you all the goods before hand because I think it'll loose its grandeur! {see how I'm building suspense and excitement!}  I will take photos of the finished room and walk you thru what I've done.

But just so you have an idea, and because maybe it's a teensey bit torturous to taunt you, here's what I've gotten so far....

A pair of louvered shutters (55" in height)~ which I will paint and distress with black chalk paint!

 An antique mirror ~ that's totally GORG and I soo wanna keep it for myself!!!

An iron mirror with scrollies

A column

A floor lamp

An iron Fleur de Leis

6 Black and gold frames to make a composition wall

A book with photos I will put in above mentioned frames

Tropical Greenery

3 pairs of candle sticks

Iron lanterns

A black "CAFE" sign


Deep Blue "Velvet" drapes

Wall sconces

Shelves for the wall

An iron serving tray ~ which may or may not be hung on the wall ;)

I would like a rug, but that'll have to wait as the budget has been met and I will not purchase that item for a site un-seen project with no measurements! I ain't THAT ambitious OR talented, folks!!  

So are you as excited as I am?!  Gaahhh!!! 



  1. I am sure it will be amazing. You are so talented, I can't wait to see the finished photos. Love ya, Karen

  2. Karen!! YOU READ MY BLOG!!! The angels are singing, my friend!! haha.
    THANK YOU for reading and for the love!

    Love ya too!! and miss you much! xo

  3. I can not WAIT to see the finished product!! I love New Orleans. Simply love everything about it and this is going to be totally awesome!


  4. Can't wait to see the finished product! If you have an extra $20-$40 and want a NOLA themed reclaimed wood sign (like my "makin' groceries" sign) check out Home Malone ( I love love love her stuff!


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