Friday, April 27, 2012

I. am officially a B.A Mamma Jamma!

After years and years of contemplation... 



Oh yes I did!

I documented as best I could.  It hurt.

It REALLY freakin hurt! 


I persevered {because, let's face it, once it began.. I HAD no choice!}



ok, so here's the low down.

I finally made my final decision about my design. (a feat in and of itself bc I am SO indecisive! Go me!) I wanted a Queen Bee. I am the "Queen" of many things.. Queen of the directionally challenged, Queen of Chaos, Queen of Indecisiveness, Queen of Comedy (I mean com'mon... I find myself QUITE hilarious!), Queen of dieting, and the Queen of wonkiness! OH and in my house, I am sarcastically loving referred to as the Queen. I have my Queen chair at the table, I rule the roost {or so I have successfully convinced myself}, I. am. the Queen. Period.  And I happen to really love bees!  So there ya go.  Plain and simple. Not mushy. Not gushy.. just is what it is.

My girlfriend, Teresa, came with me to True Blue Tattoo in Austin.  We (yes, WE) were hoping to get in to see Cara. She is amazing and we were both going to get a tat by her! Good times, right?!  Well, as it turned out, she was booked.  Solid.  And since I already had all my nerves in a bundle sitting daintily in the pit of my stomach and had at least a dozen or so "crap my pants scared" moments I was NOT. leaving without my tattoo! 
No way, no how! 

Enter: JIM  (totally forgot to snap a shot of him in the shop. Can't imagine why! ;) Here's his site pict)

He is quite the fella.  VERY funny!  I liked him.  He was my kinda kooky! We bonded.

We had a discussion. I told him what I wanted, we looked at pictures, and he began to draw.

This [long] process began to calm my nerves.  He was meticulous. I was thankful!

But then, I got a little nervous when we made our final selection size, and that it was going to be in color!  
Ok. maybe I was a lot nervous!


He sat me down... cracked a few jokes... said a few (or a couple few) cuss words...  got himself ready... got me ready...

and began.

I'm doing this!! 

I'm really freaking doing this!!!


Umm, yeah.. so I think I'm rethinking the whole color thing!!  I damn near didn't make it thru this alive!

(ok, so I'm totally stretching the truth here.. but you really have no idea how much pain I was in so I tried to give you a visual) 

But Jim... yeah, he had other plans!!  

I am sooo glad he did!!

because I LOVE IT!!  


 * if you notice the color of the bee... it's red. not yellow. I was bleeding. quite disgustingly.

And in a couple weeks, when the colors settle in.. it'll look even better!!!  

Meet my QUEEN BEE!!  She's pretty badass. 

Thanks, Jim!  Maybe we'll meet again some day  ;)




    I am so proud you did it!! YAY!

    What's The Teller think? The kids? I mean, we only thought you were totally hip before...THIS seals the deal!!

    And yes. There will be more.

    I went from 1 to 5 in like 7 short years.

  2. hahaha.. the teller loves it! he, and the others, were shocked i actually did it!! but i showed them~ ;)

    idk if/when there'll be more. this is painful. really really painful. what i do know is, it ain't happenin any time soon! lol

  3. Look at you all tatted up! Love it! I always knew you had a bad ass buried deep inside. Lol! We all knew you were the queen bee and now you have the tattoo to prove it. Congrats Bad Ass Queen Bee!!

    1. Lol!! Thank ya for the affirmation!! But might I ask... Who ya are?? ;) I think I might wanna hug your neck!

    2. It's Allison and I will send you a hug right back. ( )!!! One day I will figure out how to sign my name to my comments. LOL! I am behind the times...

    3. I figured it out! LMAO!!! Miss you :)

  4. OMG, it's GORGEOUS! I love the color too - totally makes it. He's really talented! I have an ankle tattoo also, all the way around, and that shit hurts like nothing I've ever experienced, and I gave birth to a 9 lb. 11 oz. child WITHOUT drugs. So GO YOU! Love the pic of your scaredy face! So cute! XO

    1. Thank you m'dear!!

      And you ain't lyin!! It was like a branding iron or something wicked like that! GAH! But.. she's shooo purdy!


  5. You're hilarious....and brave....and kooky....and Queen of tats! It is pretty with the colors, I have to say. Can't wait to see it in person!! Proud of you, Queeny!

    1. Thank ya honey! I'm proud of me too... cuz I'm really not a bad a..! I just play one on tv. LOL

      Can't wait to see you!! xo

  6. Oh.My.Gosh. This post made my butt cringe. OUCH! proud of you but I am in pain vicariously. Thank you for sharing this at Meet Me Monday! It truly is a fun post! Love, Me

  7. Ha ha! Great story!!

    Thanks for sharing this last week at Drab to Fab!!
    Here's the link to this week's party. Come on back and share your fabulousness :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

  8. You Go Girl!! "Hello" from San Antonio! : )

    1. HI MISSY, from San Antonio!! :) I LOVE meeting new friends so close to me! Yay!!!! Heading over to your neck of the woods (blog) now! :)

  9. Oh, you ARE bad ass! I'm scooping my jaw off the floor as I type. GNO will be a celebration of Ms. Queen Bee herself, YOU!


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