Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy cool so I had to share!

Distressed photos on canvas! Oh. Em. Gee! I really love this! Just THINK of the possibilities and all the different canvas sizes--- maps, your childrens art work, family photos, words of inspiration, collages, puzzle boards, ahhh... I could go on and on! Lemme just tell ya now~ I'm gonna have fuuun doing this!! These are 2 tutorials~~ IF you click on the 2nd tutorial (Bryce's room) and it brings you straight to the "comments" section, just scroll all the way up! Not sure why it's doing this!
And you may have to copy and paste in a new window for the first one. I've been working on getting it to link with no luck. (I am new at all this). Sorry.. Even with all the mishaps.. it's sooo worth sharing!! :)

A Temple Picture For Bryce's Room

As always, feel free to leave me (and them) some love in the comment section! We really do love hearing what you think!! <3. <3.

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