Saturday, August 6, 2011

De ja vu

would be to actually READ how to blog. But since I pretty much live my life (un)simply and impulsively, I'm gonna wing it for now. I think I must have this sick sence of personal torment because if I would take the time to do things right the first time, my life would be so much easier.. You know.. Simpler. A concept I just cannot seem to grasp.

As I am sure you are wondering by now.. Who am I? I am a wife and a mother to three teenage daughters. Our youngest is actually 12 1/2, but she acts like she's already 13, so we'll just go with it. To sum up life in our house would be LOUD, LOONY, and LAZY! Loud, aside from stating the obvious THREE teenage girls (and their friends) here, I don't think once in my life I have ever been accused of being a soft spoken kinda person! LoOnY because everyone in this house has either been asked if they had, or has felt as if, they have lost their minds! And l a z y... well, because there are THREE teenage girls residing here. But it is also a house full of LOVE! Love for each other and love for Christ!

In reading my blog, I hope to entertain you, give you "food for thought" and inspire a little creativity. Oh, and I forgot to mention.. I was born and raised in SW Louisiana. I love my Cajun roots and may even let them appear from time to time. ;). In closing I will say...

C'est si Bon,


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