Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When I get excited, I tend to be all OVER the place...

I don't know about you, but my home decor is ever changing! My mom says ya can't blink in my house! I'm famous for randomly moving something that has caught my eye. I think "hmm.. that looked good when I originally put it there... but what if....."  and then it usually finds a new home somewhere else in the house for a while.  Is it just me?  *PUHHLEASE say it isn't! Or if it is, LIE!*   And now with my new obsession love of blogs and Pinterest, things in my house are reeaally being looked at with new possibilities!  You people have no idea what your talent is doing to my OCD for decorating!  ;)

As I was looking at www.fieldstonehilldesign.com. this morning, I stumbled across something that really got my blood movin! Not only do I absolutely LOVE the decor in this room.. but...  {squeal}

THIS is in MY family room!! {elevated squeal}

Please pardon my less-than-elaborate camera's taking abilities... I really do need a new camera!

I LOVE how stately and beautifully breath taking the designer's pelican picture is!!  I have been in love with my picture since I first laid eyes on it! So much so that the decor in my entire downstairs has evolved from this picture! The wall color is even a shade in the pelican's bill.

Here are a few more picts of my family room...

I am currently in the market for a larger rug. I have been to Home Goods ALOT and just haven't found THE one!  We have 2 domesticated-because-they-seriously-think-they-are-human dogs, Australian Shepherds - Weezie and Stella- so I can't get anything looped.  I've been warned that their nails will pull the loops. I do love the look of jute and sisal and I know either would look amazing in here, however I spend the majority of my time barefoot when I am indoors and those textures are just not doin it for me. I may have to compromise and get house shoes just so I can have the "look" I am after.  But hey, if you have any suggestions.. suggest away! Really!  OH and I should mention the ottoman is being revamped (just haven't found "the" perfect fabric yet) and I have considered painting my coffee table to look more like PB's version..

  See what I mean.. it never stops. lol!

The dresser on the right was a garage sale find for $5! Gave it a good coat of black spray paint and some fancy new knobs from Hobby Lobby and voila!  After looking at this picture tho, I am now wondering if black was a good choice?? Everything seems so dark on that side of the room.. hmm....
I know I need a cord cover for the tv. It's yet another project that I have procrastinated accomplishing.

Here's where the "sporadic" really comes in~  I tend to be random.  Bare with me please.  So, I would like to paint this dresser using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint! I just can't decide what color! There are soo many beautiful colors to choose from!  What would your choice be??

And last, but certainly not least..

These are on my kitchen window sill... I LOVE blue Ball jars! They speak for themselves.  :)

Can't we just say that the above pictures are my BEFORE pictures and call it good??


  1. kristy!!
    you are right! SO stately! I love how much fun you seem to have with your decorating... and redecorating!
    If you ever want help sourcing the perfect rug, let me know! My Single design questions are a cheapola way to get advice/resourcing from a designer :)
    anyway, it is great! I am looking forward to seeing you at Haven!

  2. Hi Kristy,
    I just discovered your blog through the Haven Conference. I'm hoping to register next week. I'm in Austin as well-- happy to find another Texas blog.


  3. I love your Mason Jars, i also am a freak for blue mason jars! I have some that should be delivered any day now.

  4. Hey Kelly.. where in Austin? We are acually in the Round Rock/Cedar Park vacinity. Hope you can make it to Haven!!

    Thanks Goldie! I am on the lookout every where I go :)


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