Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In this house...


My name is Kristy. And I am a Pinaholic!

I can never seem to get enough decorating/design OR crafts OR quotes OR just all in all whimsy! There are sooo many things I am determined to do and this little project ranked SUPER high on the list!

On Sunday, BD {Big Daddy} and I were riding out somewhere between the middle of nowhere and here and there.. On the side of the road was THIS little beauty... All lovely and weathered...

I'm pretty sure I was driving the man insane with my ranting "flip a U-ey.. FLIP. A. U-EEY!!"... but I'll do what it takes for a total score !

I knew immediately that it would be a great fit for a blank wall in my dining room! It's the first thing you see (if you turn your head to the left) when you walk thru our front door. AND the room is in the middle of an overhaul. Therefore, it's PERFECT!

So today, I got out an almost-empty-but-certainly-I-can-find-SOMETHING-to-paint-with-it paint I had left over from one of the many, many... many times I've painted a room in my house and roughly painted it.

I then free handed.... because I kinda like the "easy go lucky" look and I don't have a stencil.... the words that inspired me! Aren't they awesome! And just so you know, I think we have the LOUD part down to a science! ;)

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  1. Love it! BTW, I, too, have several cans of almost-empty-but-certainly-I-can-find-SOMETHING-to-paint-with-it paint.

  2. Hahaha... Carole.. I am beginning to see a pattern between us. ; ). And thank you!!

  3. Love it love it love it. Our husbands would have plenty to chat about...ha!

  4. Oh Susie I can just about imagine! Lol. ; ) & THANK YOU!!

  5. This turned out great, it's on my "list" too. The ever growing list.

  6. Thanks Linsay!! And mine keeps growing too! Dang it! At this rate, I'll never catch up. ;)

  7. Kristy I nominated you for the versatile blogger award over at Congrats!

  8. Awww...Wow!! You are SO sweet!! My gosh.. I am really flattered :). Thank you Lindsay!!


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