Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wait, what?!

Well, my husband, aka Big Daddy, decided he would volunteer our garage for the beer making he and a friend do as a hobby. Wonderful!  Just what I've always wanted for that space. Nevermind that I have a boat load of projects that desperately need finishing starting!  Where in the world am I suppose to do this now, huh?!  The good news is, BD organized most of my chaos AND I since I am giving up valuable real estate, they have agreed to brew a batch of cherry Lambic first! I don't normally like beer... but Lambics are an acception to the beer rule. Wait.. what's happening here.. This post isn't supposed to be about beer!  Moving on...

What I originally was thinking about when I sat down to write this post was the extremely obvious chair fettish I have out in said garage! I mean, whoa! Under my "Do NOT Toss.. I-mean-com'mon-this-stuff-is-good-enough-for-a-garage-sale!" pile, we uncovered not one, not two, but 6 chairs!! All waiting to be refinished, reupolstered, re-something because they are not coming into my house in their current state!  I was hoping to post pictures, but by the time I found the not so fancy camera I have, BD already moved everything back in he had taken out to manouver the beer making contraption.  So... this post, that's NOT about beer or the contraption that's going to make the beer, will only have a picture of the contraption that's going to make the beer. I will get better at this.. Promise!

ps.. if you have a hubby and he likes beer.. show HIM the picture. He'll appreciate it for sure ; ) Big Daddy said he may also be interested to know it's FULLY automated with pumps and heat exchangers!  (I'm thinking this is impressive?!?!)


  1. I'm lovin' the blogs girly! Makes me want to get back to writing!!

  2. Hi!!I just discovered your blog and what do ya know the first post I read about is beer brewing. Blah. Lol. My husband brews beer also. It started in our basement and kept getting bigger until I ever so subtly planted the idea in his head he'd have more room over in his parents garage! Great post.


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