Saturday, August 6, 2011

Learning lessons and trying not to die

Well, I some how managed to delete my original post from yesterday! I reposted it today as "De Ja Vu". So if you feel like you're seeing it again, it's because you are! Oops! See, I really should do a tutorial or buy Blogging for Dummies. Note to self- make a trip to Half Price Books.. It will make your life simpler.

After running over an hour and a half late (which will be of no surprise to anyone who knows us), we are finally all loaded up and on our way to Ft. Worth to help my BIL move into his new apartment. I am praying my husband (aka Big Daddy) doesn't kill us all first! He is not too happy with the idiot from Arkansas driving in front of us going 10 mph UNDER the speed limit in the fast lane! Currently we're trapped. No going around him. Not that Big Daddy would bc he just announced "oh it's ON!" in response to idiot slamming on his brakes! I am pretty sure said idiot is dinking around on his phone. Ugh! I wish I could carry around a paint gun and shoot it at people like him. Not only is your car not a phone booth, but every one knows men do not multitask well. ;)

Anywho, I am hoping to have some pictures posted of his apartment because from my BIL's description... I will be in industrial heaven!

As always...
C'est si Bon,


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