Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sure it's a little icky looking now.. but nothing a little sanding, a can of spray paint, and new fabric can't cure! (and yes, you are seeing my collection of chairs all piled together~ please don't judge) And what's even better...  I have TWO!  Oh yeah, baby ~ double the love!   I was lucky enough to come across these beauties at a church garage sale for the low, low price of $7.50 each!  I totally had to get a grip on my excitement in fear that if the lovely volunteers saw the enormous amount of joy I felt that was about to explode like a volcano they would either a) think I was a raving lunatic or b) decide $7.50 a chair was waaay too low!  Have you ever seen the commercial for IKEA where the lady is running out of the store screaming "START THE CAR!! START THE CAR!!" at her husband who's waiting for her IN the car?? WELL... That describes my excitement level at that very moment! lol
I'll share a little secret with you if you promise not to flick me in the head when you see me.... As excited as it is that I snagged 2 of these babies {with arms}, there were actually 6 , yes, 6 more without arms!  I know, I know.. I can hear your gasps now!!  I really should have gotten them all!  So take it from me.. If ever in doubt, and the price is a steal, GET 'EM!  Don't over think it.. just do it!  You can always sell them and probably even make a little profit!  In my defense, we were in Humble, TX and we do live 3.5 hrs away. We didn't really have the room in our van (oh the horror.. yes, I drive a minivan).  But in hind sight~ I should've gone to U-Haul, rented a little truck for $20 and got them all!  Ya live and learn.  Won't be making that mistake again!
Ok.. so are ya ready for the big reveal and why I HAD to have these??  dun, dun, dun, duuunnnnnn...

CANE BACKING!!!   CANE BACKING!!!  Seriously people, I may faint all over again... ahhhh!!
(umm yeah, I really am that easily amused!)

After I sanded it with my sweet, little hand sander, ((You know, the kind that vibrates so much it leaves your hand practically numb for hours after your done?!))  I wiped it all down to remove the dust and I sprayed it with a coat of primer. 

 I let that dry, then sprayed 2 coats of White, Satin finish, spray paint.  While that was drying, I ran over to my local JoAnn's Fabric Store (cuz I had a 40% off coupon just burnin' a hole in my wallet!) and got 3/4 yards of peerr feecctt  (high pitched singing)  fabric!  Enough to cover both chairs. The total for the fabric??  A whopping $5.67!

Sooo.... what'd ya think?!  I happen to TOTALLY and COMPLETELY ♥ love♥ it!!

Groovin on over to the parr-taayyy....


  1. OMG, Kristy. It's absolutely fabulous! Love the transformation. Oh, and I'm just as easily amused at you are. :) GREAT job!

  2. Why THANK YOU, Carole! :)

    and Oh EM GEE.. can you even imagine how much FUN we're going to have at Haven!?! Ahhhh!!

  3. Looks great, you did a VERY good job!

  4. This looks so good! :) Love the fabric. What a steal of a deal too!

  5. Nice makeover!! I like it in white. :)

    Visiting from the Haven FB page. :)

  6. Thank you all!

    Looking forward to meeting you Amanda and Megan! :)
    Goldie.. Are you going to Haven?? It's gonna be awesome!!

  7. LOVE THIS!!! I have a very very old pie safe that needs some love..I think I'll be taking a few cues from you, friend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Awwwe thanks Katie pie! I LOVE redoing furniture, so if ya ever need any help.. Ya know where to find me ;)

  9. The chair looks fabulous! Love the fabric and 40% off makes it even better.


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